Goodbye Hurricane Norbert in Loreto

Hurricane Norbert came and went without much ado in Loreto. There was tremendous excitement, some panic and a lot of nonchalance about the upcoming storm. Residents of Loreto prepared for the worst and hoped for the best. There was good probability that the Sierra Giganta Mts. would stop hurricane winds in their tracks and dissipate the torrential rains in their wake. This is exactly what happened in Loreto. We had 4 to 6 inches of rain and strong winds; power went out around 5 pm giving everyone in town enough daylight to prepare and get to safety for the evening. In all honesty it felt like a typical day in the Pacific Northwest … except the rain and wind was wonderfully warm and refreshing. The roads and airports are open and tomorrow will be back to business as usual.

Hopefully, this is the last tropical storm of the season. The oppressive humidity levels of 90% in the last couple of weeks have broken with the storm, and it is a refreshing 84 degrees with 62% humidity. Another week and we will be back into wonderful paradise weather, as more and more snowbirds return for the winter.

My passion is Loreto, not simply one development or neighborhood. There are so many good people here, but it takes a certain type of individual to reach outside of our comfort zone and embrace the unfamiliar and unknown. If the intention is to duplicate the community you have at home in a foreign country … then ignorance is bliss.

REEL TROUBLE had an important booking event on Friday for an American family to say goodbye to one of its members who loved and lived in Loreto. There was much concern about canceling or rescheduling around the imminent storm. My view was that we would just work around the circumstances. I said that nothing in Loreto is ever planned or organized, but it always works out… and it did. More often than not, the universe takes care of us and things happen as they should. This is why many of us come to Baja Sur, although we may not realize it.

I have received so many requests in the last few days to give updates on the situation in Loreto Bay, but that is not my job. There are good people that get paid to inform the homeowners about their investment, and it is not my place to comment. However, I do want to share the growth and excitement in this area that is coming albeit too slow for most conservative investors. I am going to continue writing regularly about real estate and the growth of this area on my real estate website … It may take a while to set up, but I will have local business information there regularly.

If you are not moving forward, then you are going backwards because it is impossible to remain stationary. I am excited about the future prospects. What is currently happening in the financial world may be difficult and uncomfortable, but not really new to those that have won and lost before. It is another challange to overcome. Loreto Bay is simply one project among many and no longer my passion, vision or life. I am once again facing my fear and stepping through an open door with no idea of where it will lead. If you are interested in the bigger Baja picture, stay tuned and I will inform you as things happen, on the ground, first hand.

The future is bright … life is short … make every moment a memory. What will happen next week? Quien Sabe? Does it matter if we are living in the present?

Miss Nellie

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