Colors of Loreto – Whoa Nellie!

Loreto is full of color. There is a vividness and vitality here that turns the mundane into extraordinary experiences.

In the last several weeks, hundreds of strangers have discovered they are neighbors and have become friends. Loreto is about community, and I had the pleasure to be part of the team of volunteers that coordinated 500 homeowners in Loreto Bay Founders Neighborhood to become organized, cohesive, and for the most part, unanimously agreed on what was needed to move forward. The details are unimportant as the end result was that we still love this place, with all its foibles and frustrations.

Being totally exhausted and ready to celebrate the last of the 8 Annual General Condo Association Meetings held in the last 30 days, I was ready to blow off some steam. Del Borracho Salon had one of its famous parties complete with rock band and barbeque. Mike Patterson had the mechanical bull going … and what the heck … always a first time for everything! Mike was kind and started off slow, but in no time I was ready to step it up a few notches … and then the fun began! Not as easy as it looks, but I managed to hang on and dismount gracefully to an appreciative audience. What fun!!

There were the usual characters, long time residents, local Mexicans, visiting LBC homeowners and tourists, all meeting new friends. The music is always great, the food delicious, and the prices are perfect. $6 USD for a heaping plate of beef, chicken, salad and beans; and $1.50 for cold beer … this is the place to plan your trip around!

This week I would like to showcase one of our newest listings to demonstrate how colors can be used to create ambiance and culture. This hacienda style Mexican home with all the creature comforts of North American living is a hidden oasis in the middle of downtown Loreto. For more information visit and view listing number 001-003.

Casa Escondido, The Hidden House is truly a Secret Garden, completely walled and located in the middle of the town, easy walking distance to the beach, restaurants and commercial area. Only half a block from the ocean, it has water views from the second floor.

Once you enter through the gates of this large 12,150 sq. ft. lot, you will be enchanted by its charm and the outside world will disappear giving way to serene bliss. The transition from outdoor living to inside is seamless. This place draws me in and makes me want to explore each treasured space.

The 5 bedroom, 4 bath, residence offers natural entertainment areas with open kitchen that is a chefs dream including luxury appliances and propane professional stove. The décor is rustic and authentic that comes together like a breath of fresh air.

There are formal and casual dining areas, large outdoor patio that could seat 20 easily. Even a separate bar area, already stocked with glasses and liquor … now this is turnkey! Hunting and Gathering for food is a huge preoccupation here as written by my good friend Drew McNabb on his Living Loreto blog The result is to cook and share among new friends regularly.

I appreciate the high ceilings and bold colors of the main living area. The wall to wall French doors remain open almost all year long to give great cross ventilation and creating the indoor/outdoor living that Loreto climate permits.

The bathrooms are fun and colorful, with traditional talaverra stone. Each one is unique and to be appreciated. These colors would scare most North American decorators however, in Mexico they seem a natural fit.

For extra coziness on those cold winter nights when it gets to 55 degrees, there is an artesian stone fireplace. Most of the year it is a centerpiece that anchors the French doors that flow the tranquil quality of this home to the beautifully landscaped oasis outside.

On the second floor of the main house is a one bedroom suite with full kitchen, bath and living room, private balcony and separate entrance. I found this photo intriguing with the combination of different textures of stone, tile and color. Who could resist taking the stairs to find where this door leads?

The Master Bedroom is romantic and separate from the rest of the home. Its colors are subdued and relaxing. I imagine this as the quiet place to relax and enjoy the morning air in complete privacy. Also perfect for the necessary summer siestas to rest from the heat of mid day.

The solar heated pool with aqueduct and hand crafted mosaic is 18ft x 12ft perfect for cooling off and playing. The water is 86 degrees these days and the ideal place for happy hour, music and games. This is truly living and I hope you experience the Colors of Loreto in your own way and time.

Have a great week!

Miss Nellie

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