Sunday, December 31, 2006

A Week of Parties in Loreto

There was much camaraderie as home owners gathered together at the INN for December 24th Margarita Party hosted by Miquel, the General Manager. There were about 40 or more people mingling and meeting, and then continuing on to have Christmas Eve dinner with their new friends.

Here is Stuart Allen (FN18) at the Bar, Linda and Geoff Ford (FN43) who were married in Loreto last Christmas, Ian Simister (FN163), and Jennifer Rix (FN154). It is a small world when people get talking and realize that they worked together 10 or 15 years ago and have now reconnected.

This is Pamela Rasmussen (FN372) on the left, with Ian and Barbara White-Thomson (FN280) with their daughter and son-in-law, Capri and Bruce. This was the first time in Loreto for Capri and Bruce, and they were thoroughly Loreto-ized!

Brigitte and Frederik (FN112) are celebrating with their daughter and friend. Brigitte and Frederik have been here a few times recently and now are in their home, so we hope to see them regularly in the neighborhood.

I was lucky to join Brian and Denny of FN332 with their entire family clan for dinner. It was a very fun time, even though I had a glass of wine thrown in my face. It happened so fast, I was not sure what I had done! The story is that a waiter knocked it over, but I have my suspicions of the intent with this wild bunch!

Later, I joined FN332’s family gift opening which was a hoot. This is the ritual of choosing a gift, or stealing someone else’s. Sitting by the fireplace filled with candles, I smelled something burning… oops it was me! Not much damage but it was a sight to see as I was dancing around asking if I was on fire when people thought they smelled burning hair!

Nellie’s Bar is also a great meeting place during the holidays. This is Terry and Gene Esquivel, who are related to Loreto Bay Homeowners. They stayed at Nellie’s Place Hotel for two days and were a lot of fun to hang out with.

My guests are all so easy going even among the renovation still going on. Ron and Vicki Rucshner (FN369) called me from Phoenix spur of the moment on Dec. 28, asking if I had rooms available. If so, they would book on the next flight and come down for a week. Great People and preferred to be in town while they checked on their home construction in Nopolo. They are standing next to the heater with my Bar Manager, Yaser. Seated are Russ and Cindy Demers (FN323) with their daughters and of course me.

Many people were having impromptu parties and gatherings for their new neighbors. Some homes were very festive, and I enjoyed visiting Lynn and Sharon (FN325) as they had all their ornaments out celebrating their first Christmas in Loreto.

Wilf and Chie (FN40) had a Christmas Day party and it was special to visit with all the original purchasers of November 2003, who are now staying in their homes. We waited a long time to get here, and it is pretty much what we had hoped. It was an unexpected surprise that Chie made my favorite Japanese sushi rice … beats bread stuffing in my books any day!

Boyd and Camille Kelly (FN22) were endlessly entertaining and made a complete Christmas turkey dinner for many people without much family here. Everything was elegant and delicious, and the wine plentiful. From the left, we have Roy and Bobbi Barr (FN42) with their daughter, Camille and Boyd, Janine and Dan Murphy (Ecoscapes) and John Newton (FN46).

The sun was shinning and many people were playing on the beach and near the pool on Christmas day. The wind has now started and it is cold near the water. It is still bright and sunny, so no complaints here. Tonight we have our New Year’s Eve Party, which we will move into the office to stay warm if the wind doesn’t let up. Don’t know how many will attend, but we will have a lot of fun regardless!

Happy New Year to all my friends! Wherever you are tonight, we will be toasting you in Loreto.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Merry Christmas - Happy Holidays - Goodwill To All

This is a Week of Firsts. Delta Airlines’ first inaugural flight from LAX to Loreto was Monday, December 18. It was 3 hours late and had less than 20 people on board. Not a lot of fanfare, but they need time to get used to this route. Delta is offering $139 USD one way fares from LAX to Loreto until April 30, 2007, but you must book by December 25.

Not to be outdone ... Alaska Airlines is offering $99 USD one way fares from LAX to Loreto as well. Tickets must be booked by January 22. Also check rules for black out dates. What a deal!! It costs me more to fly from La Paz to Loreto.

My friend Bob Johnston of FN41 was on the Delta flight and was also the first guest in our newly renovated Cabana Rooms. Bob said the beds were comfortable and the rooms very nice. Bob enjoyed the breakfast at Santa Lucia Restaurant and appreciated the wireless internet so he could stay connected.

Bob was intending to move into his Loreto Bay home this trip, but the experience was not quite what he expected. Needless to say, we were very sympathetic and Nellie’s Bar was a great place to unwind at the end of a long day. We got our new BajaBOSS sign this week, and are definitely setting a new standard for Loreto. You won’t miss our place and it is becoming the talk of the town in many good ways.

The streets of Loreto are lit up with lights and the town square is very beautiful. The shops are full with new toys and gift ideas for the holidays. Many people and cars are out every night and it is delightful to stroll around. The wind is really picking up and it has gotten cold overnight. It goes down to about 15C or 59F at night. This may not sound cold to the rest of the world, but when in Mexico … it is unexpected and we are not prepared with heating or warm clothing. There is much style diversity as you see people in tank tops and shorts; as well as in multiple sweaters and boots.

We had dinner at Mita Gourmet and listened to Herzon on the guitar. It was very enjoyable and Mita does have propane heaters just like Nellie’s Bar to take the chill out of the air. The restaurant was busy and the food is always good.

Lynn and Sharon of FN325 are obviously feeling at home in Loreto and Nellie’s Place as they sat in light T-shirts braving the cold. Mark and Allison of FN308 required a little more cervezas to ward off the chill. We all were very happy being in Loreto and enjoying the view and company 3 days before Christmas.

Some of my best customers are Shona and Peter Edwards of FN331 and Will and Cynthia of FN238 (next to me). This night there was little wind and the propane heaters made all the difference. We had fun discussing how a bad experience with certain liquors at a young age can remain with you your whole life. We were telling tales of too much lemon gin, tequila or Baby Duck. I am sure that the reason I don’t drink white wine is a suppressed nightmarish memory with Blue Nun!

Here is me and Jeanny, my #1, on saddles at El Borracho Restaurant. Notice that I ride side saddle because I AM a lady … even if I do run Naughty Nellie’s Bar! This is a great place owned by Mike and Andrea from California. There is more wood on their property than all of Loreto combined. Mike built the saloon and casitas himself and it is a wonderful, friendly place. They are open for breakfast until sunset and prices are very reasonable. Take the road to San Javier and it is less than a kilometer from the highway. Tell them “Nellie Sent You”.

BajaBOSS had our Mexican posada party there. I am so very happy with my team and excited about all the great things that we will do together next year. Starting on my left is Andres, who worked on the El Don Yacht previously. Andres knows many people and things about the area and his customer service skills are exceptional. Next is Yaser, my Bar Manager. Yaser was previously with Pachamamas and is excited about the opportunity of running Nellie’s Tapas Bar. Yolanda worked with Yaser and will be joining us as our Tapas cook. We all look forward to trying out the different recipes until we get just the right menu. Jeanny is the Office Manager and takes care of me and all my multitudes of tasks. Jeanny was a lawyer in Santo Domingo and is studying for her law exam in Mexico. Felicitas is my Rooms Manager for the Hotel and looking forward to receiving all our guests. Juanpablo is my C.F.O. / accountant and was with AeroMexico Airlines for 15 years. We will be providing accounting and Hacienda filing services on all levels for both locals and foreigners.

One of the nicest things about my staff is that they are always smiling, joking and laughing. I can already rely on them when the work needs to be done, as was evidenced in opening the Bar and Hotel on time. The one person missing from the photo was Andres, my night watchman. He keeps an eye on our building and guests all night long and always tries to help out where he can. Perhaps next summer, I will be able to take the staff on a real horse back ride as I’m sure they will have learned to say “Whoa Nellie” in six months time!

I love the fact that I can make an executive decision and decide to turn away business and close on December 24, 25, and 26. No work will be done these days by any of my trades or staff, or me for that matter. This is why I am posting my blog update today. This is a celebration of the holidays, but also what we have accomplished in a very short time. BajaBOSS is resting now, but will be racing next year.

For those of you in Loreto, please join us New Year’s Eve to ring in 2007! We will be opening our office as well in case it is cold, so there will be plenty of places to wander and mingle with friends. The cost is $20 USD or 200 pesos per person and includes first drink, midnight Champaign, cheese and fruit, and hopefully party favors being hand delivered from the USD next week.

I wish all my friends the very happiest of holiday seasons and a healthy prosperous New Year! Thank you very much for taking the time to read my blog and sending your good wishes. I am never afraid or lonely in this new adventure because I am lucky enough to be surrounded by good people.

Mucho Gracias y Feliz Navidad

Miss Nellie

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Feliz Navidad – Good Gifts of Karma

This week was full of highs and lows. These are pictures of my workers who surprised me at the last moment to ensure I opened my hotel as scheduled. What a wonderful early Christmas present.

All week I was spinning my wheels having to focus completely on Immigration, Hacienda (IRS), Foreign Investment Registry, Banks, Notario Publicos, ensuring that I was in full compliance with regulations and laws. Spending 3 days in La Paz without a translator taught me a lot about how the system works. Coming back to the office in Loreto on Friday, I realized there was no way I would be ready for the holdiay season. I was completely exhausted and too tired to get my workers motivated.

Saturday morning I stayed in bed all morning which was a first since I started this endeavor. I would wake up every hour from 7 am and the bed was holding me as though it were a magnet. Did not have the energy or inclination to get up and live another groundhog day since no one would be in the office today.

Then my Office Manager, Jeanny called me at 11:30 am and said “where are you? … everyone is here waiting and needs you”. I looked around the room for candid cameras and had to ask what day it was?? Dragging myself to the office 30 minutes later, I find Jeanny and Juanpablo, my accountant, dealing with the painters, electricians, iron workers, plumbers, even my long lost sign guy showed up.

Felicita, my Rooms Manager was making hotel reservations as people were walking off the street. Meanwhile she was furiously trying to set up the rooms among the 15 plus workers. It was a beautiful sight and I appreciated their gift of energy.

Many home owners are arriving each day. Nellie’s Place Tapas Bar will have the following events:

Thursday, Dec. 21Taste the wines of Mexico, Argentina & Chile
We are bringing in an assortment of very reasonable wines and will be serving complimentary fruit and cheeses. Prices range from 40 to 80 pesos per glass.

Saturday, Dec. 23 – Special Margarita Night
Our margaritas may well be the best in town. We only use premium liquors. Come and sample the different flavors featured such as mango, peach and Yaser’s surprise!

New Year’s Eve – Dec. 31 – 8 pm to 2 am
Join us New Year’s Eve to celebrate a great new year among friends.
Complimentary tapas, first drink free & midnight champaign.
$20 USD or 200 pesos per person

Reserve your space today!
Email: or phone 135 0309

Taxi rates are a bone of contention with many of the visitors staying in Nopolo. If you reserve early, we can arrange shared taxi rides at specific pick up times to ensure your safe and enjoyable New Year’s Eve.

Baja BOSS now has now hired our 7th employee. Yolanda is a wonderful woman who will be making the tapas for Nellie’s Place. By popular demand and in an effort to help out my friends, Baja BOSS will be providing cleaning and catering services for the next 4 weeks. Rates will be $8 USD per hour, with 2 hour minimum. Call me at the office at 613 135 0310 or email for more info.

Nellie’s Place Bed & Breakfast OPENS ON SCHEDULE!!! Our new rooms are now ready and our first guests arrive on the first Delta flight December 18, 2006. My web designer is also on holidays so I will not be able to update the website until January. Here are photos and rates. All prices include wireless internet and full breakfast at Santa Lucia. Please pass on the word to our virtual Loreto Community!

This is a standard room with double bed and private bath. Single rate is $50 USD per night or $60 USD for two people. We have three of these rooms. They are clean and comfortable, and breakfast is delicious.

We have four cabaña rooms which are my favorite. These have been totally renovated with new toilets, sinks, bathroom fixtures and lights. The saltillo floors have been sealed, new plaster on the walls, paint and new beds and linens. These rooms have 500 thread count sheets, lots of pillows and rustic Mexican décor. The rate is $75 USD for single, $90 USD for a double. Including full breakfast and wireless internet!

My VIP suite should be finished in the next week or so and I am very excited to showcase that once it is finished. It is completely new and has a private second floor waterfront balcony and beautiful furnishings. Here's the view! It will be $160.00 USD per night.

This is the garden area for my guests. I will be adding lounge chairs, large pots of flowers and plants. We want to achieve a quiet feeling of oasis to relax before joining the fun and openness of Nellie’s Bar later at night.

My rooms are very reasonably priced and as long as they are full, I will keep the rates the same for as long as possible. Our mandate at BajaBoss is to exceed your expectations for friendly, reliable service with exceptional value. I look forward to seeing all my new Baja friends at Nellie’s Place in the upcoming weeks and months.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Where In The World Am I???

Life is a dance. Some days are a slow dance, while other days are a salsa. This week I have been doing the flamenco nonstop. All the days are melding together and I can not remember sleeping or eating. In the same way that we do not think about breathing … I do not think about all the things that I need to do to stay alive … we Just Do It!

I have my personal belongings in 4 locations and honestly do not know where I live? And this is only in Loreto … let’s not talk about Phoenix and Victoria. I have a room at my hotel for convenience since I am here from 8 am to midnight each day. Although this sounds like a good idea, it makes sleeping an extension of work. My partners have arrived in Lot 62 and are enjoying use of our new home. I arranged to share Lot 333 with friends for the next year so that I have a place to go when my partners are in Lot 62. However, Lot 333 is unfurnished and the thought of setting up and “camping” again is more than I can handle right now. My friend Janet is letting me use her home Lot 162 while she is away in Santa Fe. I can not describe the comfort of knowing that I am going to an organized beautiful home each night to sleep. This is the sanctuary away from my “Chaos, Panic and Disorder” life.

Normally I don’t want to bore you with mundane details, but I thought it may be interesting to know what a regular week is like for me. These are all photos from my Grand Opening this weekend.

Sunday, Dec. 3. I head over to the INN in the morning to say goodbye to my friends that are leaving. I chase down the new Commercial Space Manager for Loreto Bay so that we can commence discussions on what spaces may be available and the terms. I need to know all the options in Nopolo and Loreto in order that I can best advise my Baja BOSS (Business One Stop Solutions) clients.

After trying to chase down Immigration for 3 days to certify my FM3, I finally am able to get an appointment at 1 pm. They were terrific and I was finished by 2 pm. I get in my car and head straight for La Paz because I have a meeting with Hacienda (Mexican IRS) at 8:30 am Monday. Four hours later I arrive in La Paz and it is dark, which means highway driving is not recommended. But what’s the use of sitting around for several hours with nothing to do?? So, I drive another two hours to Los Cabos in the hopes of getting to Costco before they close. I arrive at 8 pm and manage to completely fill my SUV in 40 minutes. I check into the hotel and write my weekly blog update. Did I eat today?? Can’t remember?? I really miss drive-through fast food!!

Monday, Dec. 4. Up at 6 am so that I can be ready and drive the 2 hours to La Paz. It doesn’t feel like I slept at all. I get to Hacienda with all my paperwork and translator beside me. They are very helpful and after 2 hours, I was told that I could come back at 4:30 to pick up my RFC. This is my corporate tax number which entitles me to legally do business in Mexico. One last step was to go over to the next department and be photographed, fingerprinted and have my electronic signature scanned, as well as setting up my profile so that I could access Hacienda anytime via the internet. I was thinking that although this sounds very good for me, it really feels that I am joining the Borg Collective in Star Trek. Wonderful… this is easy! However, there’s always a catch. Since the Hacienda servers only synchronize at midnight, I need to stay overnight and come back in the morning so that my RFC shows up on the computer. Oh well… what’s one more night in La Paz?

My immigration status is temporary pending registration of the RFC and with the Economic Commission as a foreign investor. This can only be done in La Paz, where there is very little English spoken. So I head over to the Economic Commission and manage to become totally confused as to what it is I am supposed to do. I need to go to the freaken bank to pay the 1600 pesos fee, come back with the receipt and typical complicated foreign registrations form in triplicate and then wait 3 months for the paperwork. Now I understand why the banks are always so busy, because many bills must be paid through this manual process. I give up, declare total denial and vow to try this again another day. I go straight to the hotel … crash for an hour, and get up and shop for my hotel and bar, until the stores close at 9 pm. Another day that I am too tired to eat.

Tuesday, Dec. 5. Go to Hacienda in the morning and things look great. They manage to find my file, we start the electronic registration process. After 40 minutes we are almost done and then BLAM the power goes out. All is lost. We wait and the generator power comes back on in 15 minutes, but there is still no connection to the server in Mexico. I have not learned how to swear yet in Spanish but no matter … English is perfectly acceptable in situations like this. I must come back next week and try again. I came to do 5 things, and accomplished 2. The glass is not quite half full. Drove back to Loreto, had dinner and a quiet night with friends. I remember eating today.

Wednesday, Dec. 6. An early day at the office with lots to catch up on. It appears that very little was done while I was away. Big Surprise. The workers start showing up at 9:30 since they know the Boss is back. I manage my command post firing questions about the endless details to my staff of seven, and the numerous vendors and contractors that are providing services. This is in addition to planning our grand opening for Nellie’s Bar for Friday and Saturday. It is cold and windy and I have no idea where my warm clothes are. Fatigue is setting in and I force myself to sleep for 8 hours.

Thursday, Dec. 7. A good day. Feeling rested and relaxed, and everyone was working hard on their newly appointed tasks. I officially hand over all receipts and funding to my new Accountant Juanpablo. The tradesmen look very disappointed when I tell them that BancoNellie is now closed and they must now ask Juanpablo for money. He is a true accountant and tries to be very funny about the prices they are charging me and wanting all tax receipts. Even in Spanish I can see he has the same affect and humor with the workers as my Canadian and USA accountants. Some things are just universal.

My first hotel guests arrived today!! Mark Douglas of FN106 and his son Michael checked in at 4 pm and were very happy with their modest rooms. I had checked the rooms at 2 pm to make sure all was in order. When I get back at 4:30 my staff are panic stricken because no one remembered to order gas and thus there was no hot water! No worries, we took the propane from the outdoor heater which would suffice for one night and ordered gas delivery for 9 am the next morning. Mark and Michael told me they had a great 3 night stay with us, and the beds were very comfortable. They were really excited that I included wireless internet at no additional charge, and loved being where the action was at my Bar.

Friday, Dec. 8. They have expanded the Bancomer Bank and I think it is faster now to do banking. At least the wait is only 30 minutes usually versus the 2 hours. We had a good turnout for our party. It was interesting that the local gringos came early in the hopes of a happy hour. I politely say that my cervezas are 20 pesos and a good glass of wine is 40 pesos… how much happier do you want to be? I am not competing with Augies and encourage them to stay there. My Loreto Bay friends come around 7 pm with good wishes and support. My Mexican friends come around 10 pm and then the party gets going. We have cards and board games, and it’s a friendly casual place to come and gather with friends. I loved that people were mingling and meeting others just as if it was my living room. We had last call at 11 pm and finished about midnight. Another 16 hour day, but I was feeling good. A group of us went over to Mike’s Bar to hear the guitar player and before you knew it, it was 3 am. I know I did not eat today, but had more than sufficient carbohydrates in the red wine.

Saturday, Dec. 9. I dragged myself to the office at 9:30 am so that I could meet the painter to check the colors. I never assume anything and it’s a good thing that I was there. The painter and his crew show up at 10 am, but they are chatting and in no hurry. It’s 1 pm before they have a wall painted so I can view the color. It was pink. OMG I hate pink!! Now we have to fix it and get new supplies before the store closes at 2:30 for the rest of the weekend. This is because the painter promised me he would work all day Sunday to finish. No worries, all is fine.

I have lunch with a friend who came by in the hopes of talking to me about a job. Ken Faust from LBC Custom Homes calls me on my cell and says he “needs to talk to me right away”. My first thoughts are … What have I done?? He came over to the restaurant and wants to bring 25 people over for a party tonight with food. No problem … I tell him I will provide the food if they drink lots. I don’t have a kitchen yet, and the only deli in town closes at 1 pm on Saturdays. So, I scramble around town trying to find something that we can make without a stove. I don’t even have utensils or mixing bowls yet, so I must go buy those too. Luckily my housekeeper makes awesome guacamole and salsa, and I found some nice cheese, crackers and grapes. Good for any crowd. I was a wreck by 4 pm and only getting in my staff’s way.

It was a great night … Nellie’s Bar had front row seats for the Baja 500 parade of cars as well as the full moon rising over the water. We had a great mix of people and many local Mexicans with their friends enjoying the ambiance. This is a Spanish tapas bar in Mexico run by a Canadian Chinese. Pretty much as far away as you can get to a gringo bar! What a great evening.

Sunday, Dec. 10. Today I’m taking the day off … well sort of. I was up at 8 am and did three loads of laundry since my washer and dryer are not hooked up yet at the hotel. Made breakfast and enjoyed my coffee sitting on the roof deck in the sun. This is life! Just catching up on my blog now and then have plans to spend the rest of the day playing with friends. Later this week… hotel photos – hopefully?!

Just another week in paradise. Asis es la vida

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Nellie’s Bar Opens on Schedule

After an intense 3 weeks, we opened our bar on schedule December 1st. The endless details of municipal and federal permitting, together with the construction logistics and trying to find simple materials and supplies were an uphill battle. I am very fortunate to have the very best team, including a painter who worked all night and electricians who did all they were asked, even though they did not understand why everything was a priority all at once. Time is money is NOT a concept readily understood here, nor is good marketing and promotions.

Everything has a domino effect and since I have been waiting for over 2 months for my official Mexican corporation papers, including tax number, I was delayed in changing my FM3 to even operate this business. There were liquor licenses to get, agreements with Corona and Coke Cola, varying municipal permits, and of course trying to hire competent hardworking staff.
All week long my workers and team said “Don’t Worry, it will be done tomorrow” and while I quietly stressed it did all come together, albeit at the last possible second. I said I would be open on Friday, December 1st and even that morning it was less than a 50/50 chance. At 2 pm I had no electricity in my office or bar areas, since it had not yet been hooked up from the street. At 3 pm, I had no sink or water in my bar, and at 4:45 pm the liquor still had not been delivered. But our entire team preserved and we were open for full business by 6 pm. This included having 6 of the 8 hotel rooms available for viewing and the office fully furnished.

I have been very fortunate to assemble an amazing team and am privileged to be BOSS. My #1 is Jeanny who manages all of my administration. Jeanny is a lawyer from St. Domingo, Dominican Republic. Next is Yasser who is my Bar Manager. Yasser previously worked at Pachamamas and Mike’s Bar. Juanpaublo is my full time Mexican accountant and worked with AeroMexico for 15 years. Lastly is Andres, who is such a promising young man that I am lucky to be one of his mentors. Also I have just hired a wonderful Rooms Manager named Felicity who did an outstanding job helping clean up the construction mess.

I had a great turnout of supporters, including David Butterfield and Jim Grogan, who separately brought large groups of people. The developers and investors of the Whales Inn, San Clemente, and San Simeon Projects also came to bring good luck. There were Loreto Bay homeowners, local Mexicans, and some tourists who just wandered in off the street. This photo is a group of LBC homeowners from Cluster 1 that are all happily in their homes now and enjoying the camaraderie of Nellie’s Place.

My new best friend Deborah made me this gorgeous floral bouquet out of seashells, palm leaves, and bougainvillea, all salvaged from the San Simeon Beachfront development. It added the beautiful crowning touch to the friendly and comfortable atmosphere.

The bar is well stocked with premium liquors, Cornas, Pacifico and Modelo beers. Next spring we will be serving draft beer and sangria. Yasser is looking very happy here with his new bar. He makes a very good margarita and we will be experimenting with many new drinks in the weeks and months to come. We are also thinking of showcasing Baja vineyards once a month with a special tapas menu.

Even the day before, I was skeptical as December 1st was the inaugural holiday for the new President of Mexico. Although this was a statutory holiday, I had over 20 workers buzzing around the property, doing everything from painting, plumbing, electrical, landscaping, cleaning, and moving furniture. The biggest hurdle I faced was having enough cash on hand to pay everyone. Since the banks would be closed from Thursday evening through to Monday morning, the two ATMs in town ran out of money by early Friday. This meant that the machines would not be replenished for several days. When you have no access to getting cash … life just stops. Tip of the Day: Make sure you always have a good supply of pesos on hand.
Many people have been watching the building progress over the last 6 weeks, and there were several that had visited 2 hours or 2 days before opening that were skeptical that we would be ready in time. I truly believe that our waterfront office is the nicest in all of Loreto. This is Janet Rubenstein, Bob Gionfriddo, George and Sheila Pentz in the Baja BOSS office.

We are now officially open and look forward to welcoming all our friends to visit. The Bar will be open from 2 pm to 10 pm every day except Tuesday. The hotel has some rooms available now, and will be fully operational by December 15. I will be posting hotel room photos to the blog and next week.

We only need 2 more yacht memberships and we will be ready to have our 45’ Carver Yacht in Loreto with full time captain by February 2007. Share a membership with two couples and its only $7500 per year each couple for 14 days exclusive use. All insurances, permits, captain and operational fees are covered in the membership fee. Email me at for more info.

Thanks to everyone for their support and good wishes! This positive karma means a lot to all of us at Baja BOSS. See you in Loreto!