Friday, August 05, 2016

Reflections of the past 10 years ...

Where has the past 10 years gone???    I was looking back at my blog which originally started July 1st, 2006, when I packed up my bags and started my journey towards a new life in Loreto.   Looking back I have to ask myself "What Was I Thinking??!!"    Truly a leap of faith into the unknown abyss of desert in a foreign land.   Those 3 years from July 2006 to June 2009, were indeed my Mid Life Crisis.  

I experienced more highs by meeting and partying with the most interesting people who became lifelong friends.  I started 5 businesses which included a Sushi Bar, B&B Hotel, Fishing Charters, Real Estate and Professional Services.  By the end of 2007, all the businesses were in the black and I had 14 employees.  By the end of 2008 (after the global crash), I had zero businesses and no employees.   It was a wild ride and the Highs out numbered the Lows. 

July 1, 2009, I started my Property Management business.  I was lucky to have Veronica Salgado as my right hand person; Taco as the maintenance man, and Ramona as our housekeeper.   We started on a shoe string budget, operating out of a friend's home as there were no commercial spaces for rent.   During this time the Loreto Hotel and Golf Course were closed, all construction had come to a halt and the future of Loreto was uncertain.   It was a ghost town and there were more donkeys living in Loreto Bay than people.

As a community we endured through the TSD Receivership process; as well as the Homex purchase and subsequent bankruptcy; participated in the HOA organization of absentee homeowners and lobbying for our $2MM USD special assessment to finish the common areas.  We worked through the abandoned units one by one to legally and financially clean up the gray shells and bare land lots that were in default.  We saw the collapse of Road 9 Tech Services; and bringing Telmex to Loreto Bay.   We started the commercial leasing in 2011 to bring shops and services to the paseo.  I took on completing Las Posadas Condos at the request of Homex and we are getting close to the finish line. 
We are celebrating our 7 year anniversary of Baja Boss / Loreto Bay Homes.  Loreto Bay  is now positioned to be a top Vacation/Resort Destination.   There is natural beauty in every direction; beautifully completed homes and landscaping; well maintained golf course; and as many as 8 restaurants within walking distance in our community.  We have 3 very nice community pools; with a possible 4th pool under review.  Our real estate prices have crept up to acceptable levels with demand starting to catch up with supply.   Rental prices are on the increase, as well as expectation for more amenities and guest services.    While our resort has morphed into something different than originally planned... many of us feel it is better, more united and cohesive.   We are all proud to be part of something GREAT!
Now it is time for renewal of fresh energy and enthusiasm. I am intrigued and pulled by doing the unexpected and what to many seems impossible.   
At my core, I continue to want to Make A Difference in a Positive Way.   We can do this every day by simply being aware, offering a helping hand, and being available to assist people achieve smaller milestones.   I want to spend more time writing ... looking for a muse?  I want to capture simple pleasures in photography ... there is so much beauty around us.  I will continue to travel to seek out and explore new adventures.  I will live each day so that it is positive, tranquil, and fulfilling.  This sounds more like the mantra of a Buddhist Monk than a highly driven Workaholic.  What can I say, I'm complicated!
I am excited about this next phase of my life.  I have a plan to be happy, healthy and wise.  Other than this, it is all a crap shoot.   I do know I will always be part of Loreto, and that Mexico has changed me.
There are people who make things happen, there are people that watch things happen; and there are people who wonder what happened?  Stay tuned as my journey unfolds and come along for the ride. 

"Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible."
Francis of Assisi

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter from Loreto, Mexico

This week is Semana Santa or Holy Week; which is traditionally the most travelled weekend of the year in Mexico.   Families pack up their coolers, tents, food & drinks, as well as grandparents, cousins, teenagers and babies all head to the beach to spend a wonderful 3 or 4 days enjoying the surf, sand and sun.  
I also took time off and there is no greater beauty of Loreto than from the water.   I wanted to share the following photos with you of the Islands of Loreto and how far our developments have come in just a few short years.  
Have a great week and we look forward to seeing you soon!
"Cherish your human connections - your relationships with friends and family"
Barbara Bush

Puerto Escondido, Natural Hurricane Hole

La Mision Hotel, Downtown Loreto, BCS
 Founders Neighborhood, Loreto Bay, Nopolo, BCS

Aqua Viva, Loreto Bay, Nopolo, BCS

Villa Del Palmar Resort and Danzante Bay Golf Course, Ensenada Blanca, Loreto, BCS
Campers at Juncalito, BCS
Islands of Loreto, BCS

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Expansion of our Loreto Bay Homes Rental Program!

The next few weeks will see hundreds of visitors descend upon our tranquil seaside village.  Families of all ages are coming from across Canada with the popular nonstop WestJet Airlines flight from Calgary, Alberta.    Mexican families are coming by car or air with Aereo Calafia from Tijuana; or flying to La Paz from all over Mexico and driving up to the beach communities of Loreto.   Semana Santa (Easter Holy Week) is the largest travel vacation week of the year where families get together to enjoy the sun, water and good food and fun.   We have people coming from  USA, Monterrey, Mexico City and Cabo San Lucas to discover Loreto for the first time.   It is all very exciting. 

Loreto Bay Homes started our Rental Program in 2010, in an effort to help owners recover some of their expenses.   In those days it was difficult to rent a home for $50 a night; or $500 a month.   NOW we are renting our good 2 bedroom Chicas for $225 US a night; and may not consider renting our most popular homes for $2500 USD a month as it is not in our Owners best interests. 

There are still some houses that need updating and we continue to work to bring all our homes up to Luxury Standard, which is where the marketplace wants to be. This year in particular, we have had many visitors walk into our offices who are staying at the Loreto Resort (INN) or booked through and have not been happy.   They want to book with us next year as they are surprised to find that our prices are as competitive as the private online rentals, and we offer full Concierge Services and ensure that their vacation is stress free and exceeds their expectations.  
With all this extra demand for rental properties, we are excited to announce that we have joined forces with expert hoteliers who have decades of Hotel Management Experience in Mexico.    This partnership will be able to take our Rental Market to the next level with dedicated professional staff that not only offer great hospitality and guest services; but ensure the homes meet the highest level of amenities and quality condition.    
Our new company is called Ocean Golf and Villa Rentals, and will have a large Reception Office at FN64 Paseo Mision de Loreto; which is across from the Loreto Golf Clubhouse and located in the center of Loreto Bay.   This office will be open 7 days a week for Guest Services; and booking tours, taxis, spa treatments, golf packages, and much more.  
We are pleased to welcome  Maggie daSilva, who is our Administrator of Rental Program.   Maggie is extremely qualified as a Manager and has worked decades in the Customer Service Industry in Canada.    Maggie has been living in Loreto for the past 3 years and truly is looking forward to sharing experiences to ensure that our visitors have a wonderful time and look forward to coming back soon.   Maggie is fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese.    Her email is    and her cell phone number is 613 113 0598.   
We have just approved the budget for expanded marketing to include Tour Operators and Wholesalers; internet and print advertising; and trade shows in strategic cities to increase awareness and premier destination marketing.    
In addition, we will have a Reservations Office and Call Center in Las Vegas; with 1-800 number for easy inquiries and reservations in English.   All rental deposits and tour bookings will be taken through a secure credit card processing system; and there will be online accounting for Owners to see their reservations and account status.   

All of these benefits and features are available to all owners in Loreto Bay that want to be part of our Rental Program for a low 2 year membership fee of $255 USD.       Owners can keep their existing Property Managers so there is continuity and ensuring that the homes have the very best maintenance and care possible.  

For more information, contact Maggie daSilva today!   During this summer we will be ramping up our promotions and setting up our offices and new team so that we are fully ready for next October 2016. 

"A Warm Smile is the Universal Language of Kindness"
William Arthur Ward

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Good Morning from Loreto! 
Spring is in the air, and it is another beautiful day in Loreto. I was out for an early morning walk seeking writer's inspiration Wandering through the residential areas of Aqua Viva (AV) certainly gave me an appreciation of how far we have come in only a few years since that fateful day of June 6, 2009.   

It always seems slower to those that are living the progress every day, and we tend to focus too much on the TO DO items left unfinished I was happy to take the time to stop and soak in the beauty and relish in the accomplishments of the AV Owners and the business people that helped them to obtain the dream and life in paradise.  

While I was neck deep in our own issues in Founders Neighborhood (FN), I would often have AV friends come asking my opinion on what they should do, and if I thought it was worth the further investment.  I always encouraged them to hang in there and said that AV would one day be the premier place to live in Loreto Bay.   My favorite quote during those dark years was ...
"In the End Everything Will Be OK; If it is not OK, it is not the End"    
Congratulations my friends ... the End is very much in sight and it is ALL OK!  

Having grown up in Victoria, B.C. which is the Flower Capital of Canada, I am not easily impressed or awestruck by flora.    However, the boulevards of Aqua Viva are seriously breathtaking.   Meandering along curved paths and off the beaten track, you will find secret gardens and open spaces with mature plantings. 

In every direction the homes are quality construction; often times larger than FN as owners negotiated for vacant lots next door and incorporated them into their construction.   The details are well thought out as AV owners had the time to customize their finishes.   AV was Phase II of the project and accordingly, the design and plans are 5 years newer than FN.

AV homes all have gas stoves and dryers. Whereas only FN custom homes have this option; with all FN Village homes having electric stoves.   AV homes have closets ... this is something only a Loreto Bay owner would laugh and fully appreciate.  
I am so pleased to announce that in 2016, we have sold 4 completed homes in AV from $179,000 to $225,000.   No more $135,000 listings in AV ... those days are long gone now!  We also sold 2 shells, which is even more important as every finished home adds value to the entire development; no matter where it is located.  I have 2 more hot prospects with their 1st choice in AV, priced as high as $399,000.
In the same time period, we have sold 3 homes in Founders priced from $197,000 to $233,500. These sale prices are also up from last year for our Casa Chicas.  In addition, we had two low ball offers made this year; both of which were not countered or accepted.  
This is a very strong indicator of how our real estate economy has changed.  At Loreto Bay Homes, Buyers know that our prices are fair market value and our Sellers are confident with their product and listing.   
In total we have had 13 offers of real sales made in the last TEN weeks.  

There is approximately $8MM USD in construction happening in Loreto Bay at this time. There are 2 very large custom homes being built on the canal in AV; 3 custom homes on the 9th Hole; 3 custom homes on the beach in FN; 2 more custom homes on the golf course in FN; and I am building out the commercial Casa Alta and vacant lot on AV158/159.   

All of these should be completed before the end of the year. This is truly amazing and not a total surprise.   People on the ground know what a great place this is and will become. It is the time to invest before choice locations are no longer available at reasonable prices.    
Our DEAL OF THE WEEK is AV198 which is a Nueva Chica 2 bedroom, 2 bath, located among finished homes near the community pool.   It has a tower with amazing mountain and canal views.  Very nicely furnished and includes most housewares.  It is an amazing value and has just dropped the price to $168,000 USD.   Don't delay on this one!

No matter where you choose to live in Loreto Bay, you are part of our wonderful and safe community.    Our development has 800 homes sites; and there is a friendly neighborhood just right for you.  

A nice way to end my scenic walk was seeing my friends Mario Cortes and Juan Carlos, playing golf with their buddies early this morning.  
This is THE PLACE TO BE!   

I look forward to seeing you in Loreto Bay very soon.

"Success is how high you bounce when you hit the bottom"
George S. Patton

Sunday, March 06, 2016

Hello ... I'm still here in Loreto!  
It has been over 6 years since I blogged about my adventures in Loreto.  When people ask why I stopped writing, I simply said that I was too busy living ... or more accurately trying to dig myself and Loreto out from under the collapse and ruin that the "Perfect Storm" of global recession left us.   I never considered returning to Canada or the USA for stable and secure employment.   It was never an option to leave so many broken dreams and hopelessness behind when I was such an integral part of creating the virtual community that become my home.   So with amazing support of my Mexican and Loreto Bay friends, we rolled up our sleeves and went to work on the road to recovery.   It has been another amazing journey that provided me with more life lessons that one person should ever have to learn.   Everyday there were experiences where I would have to improve my skills of patience, empathy, compassion, negotiation, compromise, and most importantly understanding.   The stories are too numerous; the lives affected are too many; the losses too sad; and the triumphs unrecognized except by the special few who make the difference... and that is enough.    The past is the past ... the future must be bright as it is all we have. 

For those that are interested, my life is good.   My daughter is all grown up and doing well in Calgary.  My parents both passed last year but I got to spend time with them, appreciate them, and have closure in many areas that should have been resolved long ago.   I am blessed with the most loyal, fun, and supportive friends that any one person could hope for.   My business is prosperous and my team are my family.    I have just signed a deal with Mr. Owen Perry of the Villa Del Palmar Group, wherein we are partners in a new real estate company that will represent both Loreto Bay and Danzante Bay.    The Danzante Bay homes will be opulent Country Club living on the signature Rees Jones Golf Course; and Loreto Bay will be a more friendly and affordable community.    We are also joining forces in our rental programs.   Together we can offer both the Hotel Resort as well as the Neighborhood Community experiences.     Our prime objective is to ensure every visitor has a wonderful vacation and wants to come back with their friends.   This is good for everyone, including the people of downtown Loreto.
For those that have not returned to Loreto for several years; you will find an amazing friendly and beautiful place that exceeds the original vision.  Our community is financially strong and a cohesive group of like minded individuals who want to live in peace among nature, and without the day to day drama that too often occurs where we came from.    It is important to live in the moment and appreciate all the beauty that surrounds us.    
I was beaming with happiness this morning seeing large hot air balloons on the 8th green in Loreto Bay.  The shots of propane fire could be heard throughout the neighborhood as people came to see this incredible sight in our own backyard.   I have been told that Carlos Slim has brought 2 separate groups of 200 to 300 people this week to the Loreto Resort and there are many festivities, golf tournaments and events happening.   While it is important that we should not expect him to improve any services for Loreto Bay as there is no direct benefit to his organization; all tourism and promotion he does of our area is a huge boast to both the local economy and destination marketing.   We benefit from being his neighbor.
The back drop to the balloons is the still glistening waters of the Sea of Cortez where we often see Paddle boarders (with dog), kayaks, and often whales and dolphins.    Loreto is one of the most beautiful, safe, and easily accessible places in the world without a doubt.  
I made a gut decision, which seems to work for me, that I should start blogging again.   I'm not sure yet how regular I will be with my postings, but as long as there are good things to talk about ... I am very happy to share my experiences with you.  
Come back and check often ... or better yet come back to Loreto and see for yourself what an amazing place this has become.  
"Life is really simple ... but we insist on making it complicated"

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Trouble Brings Experience, and Experience Brings Wisdom ... goodbye to 2009!

Another beautiful day in sunny Loreto! As I was enjoying the peaceful and tranquil Sunday, I become reflective when I think about my adventure over the past several years. It has been a Six Flags Rollercoaster ride. There is the anticipation and excitement of creeping up a steep hill not quite sure what is on the other side. The thrill of lifting your arms in the air and not holding on separates the players from the ones simply along for the ride. All the while no one is sure when the next moment of the sheer terror will happen as we free fall, screaming while our stomach finds its way to our throats until we safely land and come to a complete stop. Finally, the ride is over.

It has been an amazing three years, filled with the hope of meeting new challenges, making new friends, creating solid business relationships, daring to live each day outside of my comfort zone, and seizing every opportunity that would not be available unless you were right here, right now. When I wasn’t on the rollercoaster, I was in the Fun Palace ride and perhaps not alone, but certainly in the dark. There are doors in every direction and one can feel so lost and in despair trying to find the one that leads to the exit before something unexpected jumps out and makes us run towards another path.

My analogy of experiences at Loreto Bay may be likened to those of Fantasy Land, Tomorrow Land, or even Never Land; and sometimes It’s a Small World! Alas, it may be time to grow up and focus on the destination instead of the ride.

There is no doubt that 2009 was a very tumultuous year and no one knew when the oppressive fog of each of our own crisis would be lifted. I look back on the past twelve months and feel positive and more optimistic about the future than I have for what seems like a very long time. Life is always as good as we make it, but this time I think we may get some lucky breaks. Hope springs eternal.

Dorado Loreto Properties has 5 great sales associates who are active and preparing for when things change. Baja BOSS Property Management is running smoothly and getting more organized and efficient each week with our team of 6 people providing full services. I am busy and happy.

My blog has achieved exactly what I wanted it to, which was to share the beauty of Loreto’s community spirit with thousands of people each month. 2010 feels like a whole new chapter of my life in Loreto, and I need to pay attention so I don’t miss a thing! It is time to let go of what was, and move onto what will be … Future Land. Will I start writing again? Quien Sabe!?

Thank you to all those that tune in and have supported me through my many endeavors. When someone asks Where In the World Is Nellie? I will be in Loreto and looking forward to seeing you all soon!

I wish everyone Happy Holidays, Prosperity and Good Health for 2010.

Miss Nellie

Sunday, November 29, 2009


The new SANTA FE HOTEL opened last week, just 18 months after they started construction. As you enter town it is the largest newest building next to Domingo’s Steak House. The SANTA FE HOTEL offers 120 rooms, free parking, wireless internet, deli style internet café, ATM machine, large self service laundry facilities, and a huge wall of coolers for beer and wine.

The inside courtyard pool is very lovely offering Jacuzzi and lounging areas protected from the wind. This hotel will soon be a favorite among the fishermen and off road racing groups, as there is so much space both in the rooms and the facilities.

All rooms are Suites that are nicely appointed with one or two double beds. Included in each room is a kitchenette, with microwave, blender, coffee maker and toaster; dining table, TV, in room safe large enough for a laptop computer and nice bathrooms with showers. All rooms have sliding glass doors for added light and great for families and groups as many of the rooms have adjoining doors.

The rates are very reasonable and start from $56 USD for a suite with one double bed; and only $63 USD for a much larger room with two double beds. Prices are based on double occupancy. This is the headquarters of the Villa Group Ensenada Blanca Project, and they will be offering many great promotions for dinners and activities to further enhance your stay in Loreto. For more information visit or call 011 52 613 134 0400.

Fernando Pelayo is the General Manger from their Cabo division and looking forward to welcoming many guests and providing first rate customer service, offered at only a few hotels in the area. Many may remember Pablo from the Mediterano Restaurant and he is with Hotel Security. They ensure that your cars and valuables are looked after, and that only guests are roaming around the hotel.

Their internet café, deli and market should be open December 15, 2009, and this will be open to the general public. I am looking forward to seeing what types of sandwiches and salads they will be offering as any selection will be more variety than our current choices. Loreto has come a long way in three years and we welcome change.

A little hidden secret not known by many is the MUY MUY Café on Benito Jueves next to the Corn Tortilla Shop. Jose is the owner and baker, and has been in business for almost two years now serving fresh baked muffins and yes … real donuts! He makes apple fritters, bear claws, and several different glazes on his donuts including chocolate. He even has donut holes which are a great treat for the kids, or a nice light tidbit for those of us watching our calorie intake.

Many of my friends were not even aware that you could get fresh donuts in town. Drop by and say hello to Jose and support another entrepreneur trying to stay alive during these slow times. His shop is open Monday to Friday from 7 am to 11 am; and again from 12 noon to 2 pm. He is closed Saturday and Sunday. A dozen glazed donuts are 85 pesos and a nice surprise for your neighbors and friends while they are hot and fresh.

The biggest event of the week was Dali Deli’s grand opening of their Wine Room. Most everyone knows about Dali Deli located on Benito Jueves who have been offering specialty items and meats to keep us ex-pats happy for the past 3 years. Beatrice was at the door greeting customers, including Glen Mickowski who just sailed into town with his wife Joyce, for a few days to stock up for their next adventure.

It was a fabulous turnout and packed with friends all dressed up Loreto style to mingle and socialize, and enjoy the many different wines offered. Dali Deli will be the second distributorship for Los Cabos Wine Importers in Baja and everyone is excited about this new venture.

Juan Manuel Solis, is the Sommelier and Importer based in Cabo San Lucas. Juan Manuel has been working with the Villa Group in Cabo for many years, and now with their new Santa Fe Hotel, as well as the beautiful new La Mision Hotel, feels that this partnership with Dali Deli will be a win/win for all local residents and visitors.

Owner Jose Luis was running around attending to all the details and everything was perfect. Chef Felipe catered the appetizers and is quickly becoming known as the In Home Chef at Loreto Bay. His website is and I have been told that he will come to your home and cook dinner parties for 8 to 10 people, or cater large parties. Many cases of wine were sold this evening and it was a very successful fun event.

Pedro Lopez of Porto Bello Restaurant was sampling many new wines to consider stocking for his 2 locations. Pedro asked me to let you know that his airport restaurant is now only open on the days of the flights … Sundays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from noon to 4 pm. Otherwise, you can visit him 7 days a week at the Puerto Escondido Porto Bello Restaurant from noon to 8 pm.

Build it and they will come … we in Loreto are ready and waiting!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Fresh Starts in Loreto …

The weather has changed in the last week and has dipped below 80 degrees during the day with bright sunny skies. The storm season is over and now we enjoy putting on a sweater in the evenings. I can now actually be outside to enjoy the sunrises and sunsets, and greet the many walkers and workers in the early hours.

This week Baja Onsite General Store opened in the old Farmacia location in Loreto Bay. The store is owned and operated by Evan and Julie Fager. They stock all the convenience items we have been wishing for … beer, soft drinks, groceries, cleaning supplies, used books and video rentals. They have swifter mops, hoses, wireless door chimes … make sure you check with them for what you need before heading into town. They may just have it … and pick up a 6 pack while you are there! It is a leap of faith to take on the overhead of renting space and purchasing inventory, so please drop by and support them, both financially and with your appreciation. Please contact for any inquires.

Another entrepreneur in Loreto Bay is Peter Boddy of PJB Design Studio. Peter and I have been friends since the beginning days of Loreto Bay when we shared an office in Scottsdale. No exaggeration when I say many of us worked 70+ hours a week for years, along with hundreds of others that would come and go to share the vision. For those remaining, we still love what we do, and are lucky to be able to live here.

PJB Design Studio can be found on the main boulevard in Loreto Bay just a few doors down from the Baja Onsite General Store. I am enclosing a photo because this is Loreto and there is no signage, and whatever numbers there are … do not make any sense! Drop by and say hello to Peter and find out more about his creative and innovative architectural design solutions.

This year more owners are take possession of their homes, furnishing them, and plan to spend more time here. Thinking of customizing your Village Home, both interior spaces and courtyard gardens … this is what Peter does best. Since Peter was involved with the Design process in Loreto Bay from the beginning, he truly understands the conceptual plans.

The finishing touches are what turn any house into a home. These include water features, ironwork, using color to create ambiance and dimension, landscaping and courtyards with cook centers and pergola shade areas. Unique outdoor living elements are what set Loreto Bay apart from other developments.

Peter is very responsive and has excellent communication skills. He and his wife, Ariel Klein, have been part of this project for six years and Loreto Bay is their home. When looking for someone to trust with your dream home, look at who is personally vested in Loreto Bay and who will still be here years from now when we are sipping margaritas and laughing about the good old times that we are creating today. You can contact Peter at

Back downtown at my office, they are busy tearing up the Loreto Municipal Square. This hole seems to be larger than most swimming pools I have seen here, but in fact it is for a new gazebo, with a semi circle fountain surrounding it. Why is it so deep?? Quien Sabe??
The plans look very nice, and these 3 palm trees have recently been replanted in a row. There will be curved paving stones leading into the Square from the different corners. The old wooden benches are being preserved for lots of seating areas. The workers are confident that it will be completed January 2010. Quien Sabe??

While they have the machinery here, they may as well tear up more streets while they are at it. Planning logic would not have made this the plan when they spent nine months tearing up the existing sidewalk in front of the Hotel Posado del las Flores and my office. What are they doing here and why??? Quien Sabe??

Meanwhile it gets dark about 6 pm now, so make sure you have the necessities of life in Loreto Bay … plenty of wine to share with friends, and a flashlight so they can get home safe. Friends came over with this flashlight, and I was suitably impressed. It gave off more light than many cars here! As I have said before… I amuse easily living la vida loca in Loreto!

On the social scene, many ex Loreto Bay VIPs and guests were in town to attend the wedding of Bob Toubman this weekend at the Hotel Oasis. Congratulations and good wishes to Bob and Elvira for a lifetime filled with happiness.

Happy Thanksgiving to my many American Friends!

Miss Nellie