Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Simplest Life IS the Most Spectacular

This week there was a tremendous amount of fog, which is rare for Loreto. I would watch in roll in and out gently covering the islands and boats like a blanket making them invisible. It was refreshingly cool and with very little breeze. We had temperatures of 90F degrees last week and it was almost warm enough for me to start wearing shorts again.

The sunrises are so incredibly amazing over the water and mountains. With the recent cloud cover it was a light show worthy of getting up at 6 am to not miss it. Of course, staggering to the balcony with my coffee is a lot less trouble than walking the beach or going fishing, but the greater the effort, the more substantial the rewards.

I never grew tired of seeing the snow capped Olympic Mts. in Victoria and I doubt that I will ever take the tranquil sunrises of Loreto for granted either. Each morning on the malecon you can see the early exercisers walking, along with the panga boats making their way to the marina for their days work.

In stark contrast to this simple life, docked in Puerto Escondido is the Yacht of Carlo Slim Helu, ranked the 3rd Richest Man in the World. He is the owner of TelMex and it is rumored that he has just purchased a large parcel of beachfront land north of Loreto before Mulege. This little village of Loreto is gaining worldwide recognition, and it will not be long before the Richest Men, Bill Gates and Warren Buffett make their appearances here as well, if they have not already done so. Forbes pinned down 946 billionaires, which is unfathomable in my world.

I am very excited to have the Marbella e-Preview Information Kit now available for those interested in the old Whales Inn property located in Nopolo, Loreto, Mexico. This initial offering in Phase I is a one-time, ground floor opportunity extended to my friends via private distribution only. This Private Release offer will not be publicized in the media and is only available through May 31st 2007. I have the listing in Loreto and must be contacted directly in order to take advantage of Pre-Construction Pricing incentives such as:
- 10% pre-construction discount off initial Public Release pricing, which will range from $655,000 for a 2-bedroom condominium to $1,550,000 for a 4-bedroom penthouse
- 2 year waiver of all Home Owner Association dues from completion of unit.

You can reach me at or or USA cell 602 628 2920 or Skype 858 866 9308 for more details as to pricing, plans and timelines.

We are excited to share this opportunity with you. Below is some basic information about the Marbella project and team. Exciting!

Designed to enchant you.Much like the islands off its shores, Marbella will be distinguished as a spectacular resort community bounded by the great expanse of natural beauty that is Loreto. Here, every detail has been thoughtfully considered – every feature artfully crafted – and every amenity eagerly anticipated – to create a truly unique and enchanting community.

Marbella highlights:• Swimmable beaches with sheltered cove and sea jetties
• Easy access to neighboring islands, including Isla del Carmen with its turquoise waters and unspoiled beaches
• Indigenous landscaping with mature palm groves and lush vegetation
• Walled community with 24-hour gate-guarded entry
• Thoughtfully-crafted residences ranging from 1,600 to 3,400 square-feet of air-conditioned space, plus covered terraces providing 270 to 620 square-feet of additional living area
Full-service everything.
• Luxurious two-story lobby with cocktail lounge, business center, concierge, game room, sundries shop and gift boutique
• Five acres of community-wide outdoor recreation amenities with a host of facilities for daytime activities and nighttime entertainment
• Elegant 35-seat theater with plush lounge chairs for enjoying movies and satellite television
• Meandering walkways through an expanse of tiered pools, gardens, waterfalls and fountains
• Dramatic infinity-edge resort swimming pools, swim-up bar, whirlpool spas, grottos and separate adult and family pools
• Beachside dining and poolside lounge and grill
• Aquatic center offering small watercraft and snorkeling gear
• Spa and Fitness Center – Full-service spa and state-of-the-art fitness equipment with Movement Studio for yoga and Pilates
• Adventure play center with multi-use sport court for basketball and paddle tennis, climbing boulders and a children’s playground

The Team
Developer: NC Properties Mexico - Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona
The organization is comprised of accomplished resort developers, residential builders and senior financial executives with a long history of successful real estate experience in the U.S. and abroad. Current projects include CopperWynd Resort & Club, highly-ranked by Condé Nast Traveler among its “World’s Best Places to Stay” in 2007, and the residences of Tuscany at McCormick Ranch in Scottsdale.

Architect/Site Design: Kaplan McLaughlin Diaz/KMD of Mexico City, Tokyo and San Francisco. Established in 1963, KMD has built a solid reputation as an internationally-acclaimed firm renowned for their innovative “placemaking” design philosophy.

Landscape Architecture: MJS Design Group of Newport Beach, CA. A professional landscape architectural and planning design firm, MJS is committed to developing viable solutions for the enhancement of life, while understanding, respecting and preserving natural systems and the environment.

This is the Home Owners Weekend coming up and I look forward to seeing many of you in Loreto!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

The One With The Most Toys Wins

The bigger the boys, the bigger the toys. Many things have changed in Loreto over the last year. One that appeals most to me is the increase of nicer cars, boats, motorcycles, and recreational vehicles in general. Baja has been a haven for travelling groups of motorcyclists and motor homes, wishing to explore unknown territory and camp out under the stars. Now the calibre of toys has stepped up quite a few notches and the people who own them want very nice second or third homes to retreat to.

My friend Darryl arrived this week from California with some of his toys. He said he was driving down his motor home with "stuff" to keep him busy for several months. I had visions of an older RV that most gringos keep here to travel the dirt roads of Baja.

Instead he shows up with a luxury condo on wheels, complete with garage that is more comfortable than my current home. As if the leather interior and plasma TV were not enough, there is a hydrolic lift in the back and he pulls out dirt bikes, ATVs, a home gym, and a steady stream of tools and other equipment.

The dune buggy will be particularly fun for the back roads and exploring the endless beaches and wilderness before the new developers put up fences and access is no longer free and open. This is progress and a natural transition for people to protect their properties, but in the meantime, we are lucky enough to be here while it is still the Wild Wild West.

The bad *ss Harley was of course my favorite and I can not wait to go for a ride. We will definitely be setting a new standard for Loreto! Darryl is one of us ... the new bred of foreigners in Loreto who want to participate in making this seaside village a prosperous place for everyone by doing business here and fully integrating into the community. A very classy guy.

The weather now is absolutely perfect, with temperatures in the high 80's and the warm sea breeze. This yacht has been anchored in front of my hotel for over a week. It is interesting that the people on the shore are enjoying its beauty as much as the people on board must be enjoying the scenery of the malecon and buzz of activity all day long. Most afternoons the water is like glass.

I see more and more power boats, catamarens, sailboats, and fishing boats on the water all the time. Many of my friends want to bring down their boats, and hopefully Singular who runs Puerto Escondido will act more like a business focused on running an efficient profit center than just another government agency thinking about taxation and exorbinent fees for use.

My buddy Josh was here from Scottsdale and we spent the afternoon at Playa El Burro, or Donkey Beach. Loses something in the translation - don't you think? We drove up to Mulege with another friend Marcel, and tried to track down Juan who the locals told us we could find under a mesquite tree. Great landmarks and directions in these small communities! Anyways, after 30 minutes of going in circles, we were told we could also try finding Daniel who has a blue van. We see a blue van driving down the highway, and it must be him! So we chase him for 10 minutes and sure enough he took us for a boat ride.

The town of Mulege is not much of a tourist destination, but the surrounding areas are spectacular. There is a good mix of locals and gringos, all enjoying the beach and their boats. There is nothing better than being on the water here. It was crystal clear and we could see the giant cone shaped scallops and many stingrays nesting in the sand as well. Always be respectful of Mother Nature.

Our Mexcian guide Daniel Gonzales speaks very good english and charged us $250 pesos per hour for the panga. He lived in Indiana, USA for a year, but is happy to be back in his country. He has an eviable life, being paid for what he loves to do. We were happy to spend a very nice afternoon with him. You can reach Daniel at 01 615 153 0842 or email me and we can call him to book. He also rents sea kyacks and other boats as well.

I love being in Daniel's country too!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

New Cruise Ship Dock Coming to Loreto

There will be a new tourist dock in Loreto to accommodate increased marine arrivals. The new dock will be built along the same lines that the actual dock is right now, but with greater dimensions and services in order to receive larger cruise ships and thousands of visitors.

Currently Holland America Cruise Lines stops in Loreto 13 times a year during the Spring and Fall for day excursions with 1250 to 1800 passengers each trip. There are smaller local cruises as well that regularly stop in Loreto. The ships currently tender their passengers to shore.

The Governor of Baja California Sur, Narciso Agundez Montano, informed the town that the President of Mexico, Felipe Calderon, increased the budget for the State in order to improve Marine Infrastructure in Loreto and Los Cabos. The first step is the construction of the Loreto dock. The Mayor of Loreto, Rodolfo Davis Osuna, is willing to support this project, along with all other respected authorities of the Municipal and State Administration.

The Back 9 of the Loreto Bay Golf Course is undergoing major renovation and all the grass has been stripped. The crews are moving at incredible speeds compared to what we are accustomed to in Loreto, and hopefully the dust storms created by the wind and loose dirt will not last much longer.

Construction of the Golf Course is anticipated to take 4 to 5 months, with a 3 to 4 month grow period. When holes 10 to 18 and the driving range are completed, then holes 2 to 9 will be closed and renovated with a similar time schedule.

I miss the goats and have no idea where they have gone. I saw some this week on the back of a pickup truck downtown and hoped they were hitching a ride to someplace free to roam, and not the alternative.

It is awesome for those that have not been to Loreto for more than 6 months to see how the Village is developing. Sunset is my favorite time of day to relax with a cool drink. I never get tired to looking at the shadows and colors on the mountains and the crispness in the air.

The workers are in good spirits and arrive each day between 7 and 8 am, and work until 5 pm. When the “chow bell” rings, they all coming running and line up for their breakfasts and lunch each day. Once they receive their juice and food, they slowly walk back to their work while eating their meal. No sit down hour for them. It is now comfortably in the 80s during the day and they do not normally stop. Once the temperatures reach mid 90s, they will work until 6 pm and take an afternoon siesta out of the heat.

This photo at dusk behind the INN at Loreto Bay is memorable to all of us that purchased, what seems like a very long time ago. We are all very anxious to start living La Vida Loca in Loreto, regardless of whether you purchased in 2003 or 2006.

Many large parcels of land are being purchased north and south of the town of Loreto. When I stand on the cliff banks and look into the crystal clear waters surrounded by mountains and no one else in sight, it is impossible to imagine anyone not loving this place many of us will call home.

Nellie´s Place Hotel has been full for the last several weeks with European visitors, mainly from Italy. It seems a long way to me, but the Italians represent a substantial amount of the tourist dollars spent here, and not surprising that they too think this is a marvelous place. So do the Harley motorcycle groups that travel down the Baja.

Many homeowners are meeting with their Loreto neighbors in their own backyards. This is the San Francisco LB Owners Group who gathered for lunch at Consuelos Mexican Bistro in San Jose. As they gathered around the table, they realized that they were all alumni of my blog and sent me a photo to let me know I was with them in spirit! How very nice! They are Barry & Patricia AV61, Chuck & Marsha AV60, Clinton & Loni AV25, Anne & Tony FN409, Kevin & Pamela FN212, Jane & Sharon FN203.

In the community spirit, I am wondering if anyone is driving down the Baja between April 21 to April 27? One of our friends and fellow LB neighbors is planning on driving down as a single woman, which is not recommended if you are not used to the narrow winding roads and long driving distances. If anyone has friends that would like to make the trip one way with a very nice lady, please email me at and I will put them together to talk further.

Another week in paradise where the days are long and never wasted.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

This week I am showing photos taken from my Bar of the full moon, cruise ships, staff party, and friends. Visiting were Delynn and Jim from AV83 with their friends Ronda and Glen. Also, Janet Rubenstein of FN162 was here to see us again.

My life is very fun, glamorous and filled with adventure, yet I am a simple person with simple needs. Every day I have doubts, misgivings, and apprehension about the path that I have chosen. Yet, also everyday I am surrounded by events and people that affect me and give me the opportunity of making a small difference to those that have not been jaded by money, status, or position. Everyone of us has great power to influence the ones closest to us, whether that is our immediate family, friends, acquaintances, or simply someone down on their luck not wanting anything more than simple respect. These are the things that keep me in Loreto. It is a small town that is innocent, a little naïve, yet hoping and dreaming of a better place where their children are safe and have a future. These are Basic Instincts that are no longer forefront or highly appreciated in many North American daily lives.

What I do not miss about living in the USA is the underlying premise of control and power. When you are not truly genuine in spirit and heart, it shows through and there is no where to hide. The ones with ulterior motives, liars and cheats soon become very evident.

In this small town relationships and your Word still means everything. It is a matter of interpreting the culture and language of chosen words. Mañana does not mean tomorrow, it just means Not Today. YES, means I Understand, not necessarily an agreement. Everyday I have foreigners walk into my offices who want to abide by the laws and rules here, yet find the obstacles of language, custom and cultural misunderstanding frustrating beyond comprehension.

It does not mean that we all do not have moments of feeling insecure, lonely, or scared, but to pretend that these natural instincts do not exist is a denial of human nature. My life is more complete and real because I do not have the fear of not meeting a superficial standard with all the material trappings that we baby boomers have been raised to aspire to. I am in no way giving up my creature comforts or appreciation of quality and value, simply that I recognize that my priorities have shifted.

These are my personal thoughts and not to be construed as anything more than how much I appreciate all my friends that follow my blog and support my efforts in my new businesses and life on the Baja.

Nellie´s Hotel has been running at 80% occupancy this month and many times we have to turn away people because we are full. Both the Hotel and Bar are in the black. This is great news for 2 months in business with no advertising budget.

Baja BOSS has several corporate clients and we are helping many people with ensuring that their FM3s obtained in Canada and the USA are truly valid and acceptable in Mexico. We have new clients every week that want us to take care of them just so they never have to go to immigration again.

Dorado Properties Loreto launches its new business by offering condominium units in the new Marbella Resort at the old Whales Inn site in Nopolo. There will be approximately 190 units, with over 30,000 feet of pools and water features. All units will have views of the pools and beach and will have privacy from their neighbors. This land is privately owned and not a Fonatur project. I have known the managers and investors for some time now and have complete confidence in their financial ability and experience to deliver a 5 star resort property in a timely manner. There are only 51 units for sale in Phase I, which will offer very attractive incentives to early buyers. Should you want more information as soon as it is released in the next 30 days, please email me at

Many local Mexicans are coming to my office each week to meet me and extend their welcome, congratulations and best wishes for my new businesses. They are sincere in offering their assistance if there is anything they can do to help me. They tell me that Loreto welcomes foreigners that want to do good business and the local people are happy with the changes that they see.

This is very different from the drunken gringos that roll out of Augies Bar each night. The other night we were working in the office at 7:30 pm with my staff and this 50´s something American woman tapped on our window and flashed her boobs at the young Mexican men I had in the office. When I refused to look at her, she started yelling and when I looked, she flashed me again. I could not believe it! If they were new boobs and she had paid $10,000 for them, I might have appreciated the value. But who wants to look at sagging breasts on an old woman who thinks she is still hot stuff! OMG!!! I am sure if I took out my camera, she would have posed, but I have more tact than to encourage such bad behavior.

In an effort to truly integrate and provide community service, we are organizing a group of volunteers to hold a Fashion Show, both for the local towns people, and a proper extravaganza held at the Inn at Loreto Bay. All funds raised will go towards buying books for the local schools for the young children, and also for the University. The need for additional books and resources is abundant. To ensure that the money goes to the right resources, we will be buying the books directly and donating them. If any of you have a book distribution source either in Mexico or the USA that we may be able to get wholesale prices, please let me know. In the meantime, if you want to bring down a few new or used children´s books that young children can learn English, please feel free to drop them off at BajaBOSS and we will make sure they go to the Schools Libraries. Í will be providing more information as this event unfolds.

Life is good, mainly because I have so many friends and supporters. I look forward to seeing all of you and sincere in saying – If there is anything I can do to assist in your transition to Loreto, please do not hesitate to ask. I can always say no, but life and people continually surprise us.