On The Road Again

I’m back in Victoria this week enjoying the fresh coolness and abundance of tall trees and colorful flowers. Although its approximately 2000 miles or 3200 kms from Loreto, the world is very much a small place and through the internet I feel as though I could be next door.

Monday is just another day at the office whether I’m in Victoria, Los Angeles, or at the beach in Loreto. When people ask me what I have been doing, I reply that I have to “check my blog to know where I am”. I finally figured out why they call it a blog, because it’s a weB…LOG! Aahhh!

My new office on the malecon comes with 6 hotel rooms, whether I wanted them or not. I never dreamed that I would be running a boutique hotel, but hey, it could be destiny. The rooms are a good size and I will be renovating to make them comfortable to my standards. At this time, I think the rates will be in the range of $75 to $90 USD per night. Of course, there will always be a friends of Nellie rate. My dilemma is finding a proper name, since “Naughty Nellie’s Hotel” conjures up images not conducive to my Mission Statement. Any ideas? Please send them to me at nelliehutchison@hotmail.com

A good Loreto / Victoria friend is Rob Cairns. Here’s a photo of Rob with his wife, Laurie and his business partner, Joni Collett. Their company is “Carpe Diem” – “seize the day” for those that don’t know Latin. Rob has had extensive experience in consulting for start up businesses in the areas of manufacturing, distribution, sales and marketing, and is focusing his efforts in the Pacific Northwest and the Baja. He is currently consulting to the Loreto Bay Destination Tourism department. Don’t let Rob’s laid back personality and constant stream of jokes fool you. He’s very clever and had many incredible experiences to learn from. I look forward to working more with Rob in the coming months.

Many of you know Gabriela of Owner Services. Her sister, Cecilia Talamante, has a small business making delicious chocolate cakes and different varieties of cheesecake from her home. I hear that her plum cheesecake is outstanding! This is a picture of Cecilia with her husband, Fernando Borquez, and their children Hector Daniel, Jose Andres and Jesus Fernando. Feel free to contact Gabriela who can be found at the Concierge Desk at the INN of Loreto Bay to place your order.

Last week Ariel and Peter of FN44, Janet of FN162, Tommy Hughes of FN145 and me went for dinner at “1697”. It’s a new Italian restaurant next to Mita’s near the town square. I would recommend the pastas and pizzas.

Also, in Loreto finalizing their homes were Terry and Charlee Gerlitz of FN319, as well as Garth and Maureen Mitchell of FN14. The Mitchells’ will be the first golf course custom to be finished and I hope they let me showcase it, as it is really beautiful.

It’s Loreto Bay’s first Sales Event of the season this weekend and I’m sorry to miss all the home owners down for the big party. I will be there for the next two events and if you are coming to visit, please make sure you drop by my new office and say Hola! Hopefully, I will be launching my website in 2 or 3 weeks and will have all the news of what I am going to be doing! Stay tuned…


Hector said…
Hi Nellie:

Have a great time in Victoria. Thanks for the update. I'm gonna start to think in a good name for the hotel, I was thinking in a Mexican name which can be involved with the original history of Loreto or something like that and obviously your name,in that way it could be an atractive place for the people. I like a lot in giving some names ideas for a business or places, the name is very important. I thought you have 4 rooms in the hotel but now that's clear.

Best wishes

Hector Vazquez

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