Happy New Year!!! Feliz Ano Nuevo!!!

January 1st, 2007 Began with lots of fun and laughter among my friends at Nellie’s Bar. People came dressed up and ready to ring in the New Year with me and I was very appreciative. All day the wind was blowing hard and I was very worried about the cold. Then about 8 pm it started to slow down, and by 10 pm the wind had pretty much stopped altogether. I do have an army of guardian angels watching over me.

Vicki Rucshner (FN369) was a regular in the bar all week since she was also a hotel guest. Vicki is shown here with a very special drink concoction named the “Vicki Special” in her honor. Yaser will not tell us what is in it, and although it is a cold coffee type drink … it does warm the innards!

Also staying at the hotel this week was Dee Wise (FN63) shown at the left. Her wonderful collie dog named Laddie was a big hit everywhere he went and welcome at my place anytime.

It was a typical “kitchen” crowd with many people standing and hovering over the food and bar areas … no one wanting to sit and miss any of the action.

In my almost finished VIP suite are shown from the left Geoff and Linda Ford (FN43), Linda and Dave Rutherford (FN155), Sharon Feenaughty (FN325), Shona and Peter Edwards (FN331), and George Deakin (FN326)

We have Brenda and Wayne Crosbie (FN124) with their friends Scott and Tina from Calgary. They definitely won the prize for the best color coordinated couples and loved the Champaign.

My friend Jan Alpers (FN400) and I were trying to be runner-ups for the Miss 2007 title, but someone forgot to tell us there was no such Loreto pageant. Ahhh… there’s another business idea for next year?!

This is my good friend John Newton (FN46) from Victoria. You can always tell the Canadians because they are out in shorts and T-Shirts when the rest of us are wearing three sweaters.

Here I am with John's daughter Tracy. She was the prettiest girl at the party and all my male staff wanted to know when I was going to hire her. I said anytime she wanted to spend time in Mexico, there would always be a place for her at Nellie's!

Teresa from the Loreto Village Home Coordinators came with her finance Jose Francisco. A very good looking couple … it was obvious there was Italian heritage in both of them! Both Teresa and Jose Francisco could be seen on their cell phones working during the night. Life at Team Loreto Bay never stops … I can’t say I miss it.

Two of my favorite single young men in Loreto are Andres who works for me and his friend J.D. (with the hat). They are bilingual, polite, respectful, and fun! If you let your daughters over age 18 out with these guys, they will be safe and well looked after.

Close to midnight we handed out many bottles of Champaign and had guests open them simultaneously. I did the unofficial countdown, which was a first for me. Balancing on a plastic chair with my trusted Blackberry in one hand for the time, and streamers in the other … I never realized how difficult it was to count backwards from 30 seconds after consuming multiple different drinks. I managed to get to midnight with the help of all my friends cheering me on.

All my staff joined in the festivities. From the left is Yolanda, my Tapas Cook; Andres Urias who will be in charge of Customer Service behind me, Felicita is my Rooms Manager. Last but not least is Andres, my night watchman. He loyally braves the cold each night from 7 pm to 7 am to watch over my hotel guests and office. It is a very safe area and I don’t believe a night watchman is really necessary, but he started when the building was under renovation and there were many people coming and going. Andres really loves his job and he is so cute and helpful, that I have to keep him on!

I am travelling to Victoria, British Columbia, Canada this week to spend time with my family. I am excited about seeing them, but find myself missing Loreto even before I left the airport. Funny how life changes when we are too busy to notice.

I wish everyone a happy and prosperous new year filled with laughter, friends and good health.


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