What Kind of Mickey Mouse Place Is This?

I am not sure why Alaska Airlines uses the Mickey Mouse plane for Loreto flights, but it seems fitting. Mickey starred in his screen debut, Steamboat Willie, over 75 years ago, as an irreverent rodent that woos Minnie Mouse by making music on the bodies of various farm animals. Yep, sounds like a few too many tequilas to me.

Mickey is a symbol of American optimism, resourcefulness and energy, an icon of corporate imperialism. It is unanimous to all that visit here that Loreto will be a booming place and this is the time to get in on the ground floor. There are many Daffy and Goofy ideas, but if timing is right and implementation is thorough, then success is the only option.

There was snow in Victoria last week and being totally unprepared, I thought I would never be warm again. I was counting the hours until I would be home in Loreto. Please remind me of this when I am fed up with the dust and construction noise living in my Loreto Bay home.

Victoria was uneventful but very restful and I was spoiled with several home cooked meals a day by my mother. Felt like a bear before hibernation, filling up before crawling into a cave to escape winter.

No cows or goats in the streets of Victoria, but there was this Mini Cooper Red Bull that was a little unusual. I am told that Red Bull and Vodka is “the” drink among young people these days. I can imagine the instant rush that this concoction brings, but I will stay with my sipping scotch … less calories.

This was our first week operating BajaBOSS and we were very busy. Our first residential clients are building a home in Nopolo outside of Loreto Bay. They were referred to me by a LBC homeowner and have been battling the frustrations of getting settled in Mexico. We managed to sort out the deficiencies of their Mexican Corporation, immigration, banking, and setting up payment for utilities, all in about 10 hours. They are very pleased and I look forward to sharing their referral once we complete the work.

We have two commercial clients, who wish to set up businesses in Nopolo, and I am find the diversity and challenge of their needs are exciting and stimulating. There are so many variables and questions about immigration, taxation and legal liability that both my lawyer and accountant are now in their element.

I am now responsible for paying my 2007 property taxes on Lot 62 Villages of Loreto Bay. Having to attend at the Municipal Office and search the records for my tax bill was an effort in frustration since my Spanish is still very limited. Not having the Clave Catastral Number made it more difficult, but they soon found my file.

They told me that my taxes have not been paid for 2004, 2005, 2006 or 2007, and gave me the amount due. These taxes were based upon the value of the land only and the amount due was very small. The Municipal Office advised me that if I pay all the taxes due, I would be subject to an “infraction” or fine because I know that there is a house on the land, and a new inspection and tax rate should be in affect. I am checking with Loreto Bay to make sure my taxes have been paid for 2004, 2005, 2006, and that they have reported a completed home on Lot 62 so that I can go ahead an pay the 2007 taxes in time to claim my 30% discount. I do not know how many more times I will need to go back to LBC or the Municipality, but I will get to the bottom of this and let you know.

It has been miserably cold in Loreto for the past 10 days with the wind blowing and everyone bundled up in multi layers of clothing. Today the sun came out and people seemed to have an extra bounce to their step and smiling from ear to ear. The wind is still cool, but there is hope that warm sunny days will soon be here again.

We have many hotel guests arriving next Thursday and I look forward to entertaining my friends at Nellie’s Bar on hot lazy days. Next week we are getting the kitchen and recipes finalized for the Tapas Bar and should be serving food by early February.

There is lots to do and many new friends to meet. Please drop by say hello when you are in the neighborhood. See you in Loreto!


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