Shangri-la: A Remote Beautiful Imaginary Place Where Life Approaches Perfection

It has finally warmed up the last couple of days with temperatures reaching 71F during the day and the wind has stopped blowing continuously. Everyone is smiling and in a good mood. The tourists are out in t-shirts and shorts again.

I have now officially moved into the Owner´s Suite in the hotel and I have forgotten the pain of months of camping and living out of suitcases, in just a few short days. I sleep in complete privacy on the third floor and wake up each morning to the sunrises over Carmen Island. What an incredible way to start each morning.

I take the time to leisurely get ready, have my morning coffee on the sun deck and wave to the people walking along the malecon enjoying the same glorious day. My exercise comprises of walking around the large private deck soaking up the 180 degree views.

I have taken all these photos from my 3rd floor deck and realized how few places there were like this. So, I came up with another business idea.

I will make my balcony available for private parties of 10 to 15 people. This is the perfect location for birthdays, anniversaries, any group gatherings during the afternoon or evenings.

As long as you buy drinks and tapas from Nellie´s Bar there will be no charge for this gorgeous private venue. Book early, because everyone loves the idea and we will be full of regulars as the weather gets warmer.

There are not a lot of people around these days, and the planes are less than half full. Even the Grey Whales are not making their appearances on the Pacific Coast yet. However, I notice many birds feeding and doing air shows for guests at Nellie´s Place.

New people are dropping in to say hello everyday, and it is especially nice to see Loreto Bay home owners. Here is Mike and Karen Richards FN 490, who came for a short visit to check on their Nopolo home.

We had a girls´ night while we tried to warm up from the wind with tequilas and red wine chasers. This picture is us celebrating Nellie´s Place being mentioned in the January Gringo Gazette. Any publicity is good publicity and the small write up was very positive.

Dee Wise of FN63 had a birthday party for her friend Diane, and it was celebrated among friends. Dee found a wonderful bakery that made delicious coconut cake which she served with chocolate ice cream. Delicious!

The hotel is full this week, and everything is working fine. Knock Wood. Here are my hotel guests, Mike and Sue Matthews FN463, Raymond Liang FN21, and Aniko Sherry FN363, with their friends, at one of our favorite restaurants, Giggling Dolphin, next to the Dive Shop on Jueves Street.

This week I am taking my office staff on a road trip to La Paz and Cabo for training of my new business, opening in February. Nellie´s Bar is closed Mondays and Tuesdays during the winter, but drop by and say hello to Yaser, our Bar Manager and check out what is happening.


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