Here’s the first BMW sports car that I have seen in Loreto. It had no plates, so it had to be owned by a local Mexican. Bumping along the dirt roads under construction, it still caught my eye, but did not look as out of place as it may have a year ago.

Also, this week I saw a delivery truck full of newer cars stopped in Loreto. These are the first steps towards a growing economy. Also, cruising around town are some new dune buggies that are serious enough to race in Baja 1000. Many Mexicans are now cruising the malecon on new ATVs and scooters. Boys and Their Toys is a universal concept.

I was on my way to Nellie’s Place following a typical Mexican truck. What caught my attention was that there were comfortable high back seats in the back where the two kids were enjoying the ride. The backdrop of the massive Holland America cruise ship was a sharp contrast to the Ford pickup on the currently torn up local streets. My first thought was “How Bizarre?!”

This is a small world. Roger and Linda Charest walked into my bar last week. We were in the same social circle a lifetime ago in Victoria and now will be neighbors in Loreto. They have now moved to Alberta and we had fun catching up about old friends and looking forward to the Good New Days ahead. It made me happy to get a blast from my past.

The most exciting part of this week was meeting Robert Arrington and Will Laribee. They were in Loreto filming an episode for the fastest growing saltwater fishing television program shown on Fox Sports Network. REEL ADVENTURES takes a contemporary look at saltwater fishing in adrenaline pumping “Reel” time; under water and on the hook, the strategy, the battle, the release the victory! Their energy and enthusiasm for Loreto could be described as nothing less than infectious and I know that will come out in their spotlight of Loreto.

Random Acts of Kindness give back amazing results. How I came to meet Robert Arrington was that he walked in off the street and told Jeanny that he badly needed a shower. He offered $30 USD if he could use one of our hotel rooms. Jeanny felt sorry for him and gave him towels and the room and told him that he could just pay us what he wanted, but $30 was too much. He was so appreciative! Robert showed us his website and what he was doing in Loreto. Check it out at

I told Robert and Will that we take fish in exchange for margaritas. However, we preferred the entire fish rather than fillets because our Sushi Chef Edgar san Pancho is amazing with the fish cheeks, ribs, and stomach that are really the delicacies that most people throw away. Good for his word, Robert brought several large yellowtail and Edgar prepared a feast for all their friends.

Robert and their friends raved all night long that this was the best sushi they have ever had. They have traveled the world and eaten in the best seafood restaurants, and all said that this was the most incredible meal they have had because every dish was consistently delicious. The local ambiance of a perfect evening in Loreto, accompanied by Cadillac Margaritas may have enhanced the flavors.

Edgar made a dish especially for me that was simply incredible. I asked him to make it for the film crew. It is large shrimp filled with a crab and salmon roe mixture, wrapped in seaweed and deep fried in a light tempura batter. Served with Edgar’s special cilantro sauce, it is almost too beautiful to eat. Every bite is a little different and definitely something to savor. Right now, we just called it the Nellie's Special … until Edgar makes me another favorite!

Robert and video photographer Will interviewed me for their episode on Loreto to be aired on Fox Sports Network next September. They took many photos of Nellie’s Place and promised to promote us throughout the Sports Fishing World. They were very nice and if it happens, who knows where it will lead?? It is incredible that purely by chance, they just happened to walk through my door.

They came back for lunch before leaving for the airport and again were blown away by the best sushi ever. We constantly get comments that our sushi is the BEST that people have had anywhere and wonder how I managed to get so lucky to have Edgar san Pancho. He just walked through my door one day!

The weather in Loreto right now is just perfect. April and May are definitely the very best times to be here. With temperatures in the low 80’s during the day, the water is the best place to be. For anyone that hasn’t spent much time out exploring the different islands, and seeing the wildlife, I would highly recommend it. There are many fishing and sightseeing charters or simply get a ponga with driver to show you why Loreto is so very special.


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