A Time of Change / The Anti-Cabo

I am attaching a link to a recent article in USA Today. http://www.usatoday.com/travel/destinations/2007-04-05-anticabo-loreto-mexico_N.htm?POE=click-refer

Loreto is no secret and it is getting worldwide press as more and more people are enamored with all it has to offer. I am enclosing some photos taken of the surrounding areas on one of my afternoons off exploring about 35 kms north of Loreto.

I have been called a Change Agent, among many other things not so complimentary. A change agent, or agent of change, is someone who intentionally or indirectly causes or accelerates social, cultural, or behavioral change. I do not view myself as a person who seeks radical change or one that necessarily wants to influence the decisions of others. Rather, I try to provide pros and cons of choices based on education, experience, and intuitive powers gained over many decades of living on the edge.

I am simply one person with my own beliefs and opinions. With a high standard of respect for others from all social and economic backgrounds and have little patience for those that hold themselves superior to others by being judgmental and critical without fully appreciating the complexity of each situation.

As I approach the age of 47, I am more appreciative and aware of the wisdom that experience has brought me. Everyone has their story, complete with highlights of glory, anxiety, and emotional pain. Each is different, yet the strength from those that have undergone broken hearts and dreams as well as the euphoria of sheer bliss, shows through in their compassion and empathy for others. I find myself most drawn to these people and find a great deal of camaraderie in Baja.

The many government departments, led by the initiatives of the President, Governor and Mayor, are all proactively working to ensure that Loreto has what it needs to help it grow effectively for the betterment of all. Through BajaBOSS, we have very good relations with all local business authorities. They realize our endeavor to provide a service that enables foreigners to meet and respect the laws and guidelines.

It seems every road in downtown Loreto has been ripped apart and under construction. All of both main streets Salvaterra and Jueves are being dug up and the potholes and dust are impossible to escape. Hopefully, this will be a short term nuisance and we will have nice repaved roads very soon.

On my drive to LaPaz yesterday, it also seems that the entire highway is being repaired and bridges are being built at almost a frenzied pace from Loreto to Los Cabos. It is the government mandate that these roads be repaired before the next Hurricane Season and torrential rains come in August.

Mexicans are a very entrepreneurial and industrious group. The people that are aware can feel the energy in the air and acknowledge the change that is coming. Those that accept it and are part of the positive development of change will prosper. Those that do not, will remain the same or will be left behind. This has happened for many centuries globally and not limited to Loreto.

There have been many positive changes in the last six months among the local Loretanos. Every week I see a new retail store, restaurant, taco stand, or building being renovated. There are now three Car Washes in town to service the growing abundance of new vehicles. A year ago, it was uncommon to see a car newer than 10 years old and one would never see a foreign luxury vehicle cruising the streets of Loreto.

Now we see a few new Lincoln Navigators, Hummers, Cadillacs, Toyota Tundras, and many newer Pathfinders, Jettas, Jeeps, and Ford F150s. These are all owned by local Mexicans who have sold land or started new businesses. There are still very few local businesses operated by foreigners, but every week we get more inquiries about the laws, taxes, and how to set up a new enterprise. It is an exciting time for all.

Today I was invited to a Baptism party for baby Donna Yesselin. She is a beauty and it was great fun to be celebrating with all the Mexican families and their children. There were over 200 people invited and the place was full of loud dance music, an abundance of food and drinks, and everyone looked very nice all dressed up.

Here’s a photo with our good friend and client of Baja BOSS, Dee Wise FN63, along with Jeanny who runs my office, her husband Noe and their son Pedro. Dee and I both felt very privileged to be the only foreigners invited and enjoyed participating in the local community festivities.

My friend Yolanda has asked that I be the Godmother to her daughter, Heidi’s “Quinceanera” celebration. This is an incredible honor for me to accept and I look forward to presenting her at the 15 year old debut party. I have been told that I am to walk Heidi down the aisle in front of the community and I am eagerly researching to find out exactly what the protocol is. It will happen around May 18 and I look forward to sharing the highlights with you.

I will continue to talk about all the wonderful people, opportunities, and wealth coming into this area as I encourage everyone to participate in making a positive difference. As was quoted in the USA Today article - "Loreto will change. But not for the worse. Hopefully." No one wants another Cabo and we must work together to ensure that this does not happen.


BD said…
Hi Nellie! Great to find your blog... very nice work. I love it that you will be escort at a Quincinera... a real testament to the contributions you are making to Loreto. Nos vemos a rato.

Bill Doyle

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