Sushi Time at Nellie’s Place

Many people came to hang out in the afternoon and enjoy Beer and Sushi at Nellie’s Place.
The newest addition to our team is our Sushi Chef Edgar. Edgar spent 12 years in Cabo San Lucas and also in Japan as a sushi chef before moving to Loreto 6 months ago. He is passionate about his craft and already within 2 days the word had spread that we have the best sushi in town. His sauces are delicious and presentation worthy of any major city.

Jeff and Maria, FN556 came to eat 4 times in two days and definitely loved it. We hung out Saturday afternoon, smoking cigars and drinking whisky, while we delicately nibbled the beautiful morsels of fresh fish. What a great way to spend a day among friends!

We are pleased to announce that our new Bartender and Bar Supervisor is Julio. He is shown here in our new Baja BOSS shirts, with Jeff and Maria, and Sushi Chef Edgar. I have been friends with Julio for over three years and many of you will remember him from the Camino Real Hotel, now known as the INN of Loreto Bay.

It was the Loreto Bay Home Owner weekend and I would guess there were over 100 neighbors in attendance. It was great to see familiar faces and so many came to visit Nellie’s Place and even brought our new Baja BOSS caps. Here are Jan, Don, Marianne and Randy, owners of AV17.

Mike, Sheila and Christopher Sessions, FN231, came to visit the bar. It was nice to personally see Chris again as we see his postings all the time on the Loreto Bay site. I will have to check it out to see what he writes about his recent visit. The wind was blowing like crazy almost the entire 3 days, which put a little damper on activities.

The Saturday night dinner was very nice and the food at the INN has improved. Everyone was mingling, making new friends, and having fun. It was an early night for most, but as usual some of the Loreto Bay staff were dancing up a storm late into the evening in their normal fashion.

Here are some photos from the dinner, and you will have to see if you recognize any of the people. Some had never heard of The Blog … could this be true?? So, they were a little skeptical about me posting them on the internet.

But as always, I did pass the photo around immediately after taking it and asked if I had permission to use it with their names and lot numbers. Not a legally binding release, but I had plenty of witnesses. You never know when someone may not want their boss or spouse to see them in Mexico, when they were supposed to be somewhere else!

After several of those wicked INN margaritas, it was too much to gather all the names and lot numbers, so this can be the game to spot someone you know. In this picture are Sharon and Lynn of FN325 who are becoming the Welcome Wagon of Loreto Bay. They moved here last August when I did, so we are the old timers. We have been the only full time residents for the last 8 months and love living in Loreto!

Here’s Roch Schaefers, whose company provides all the kitchen cabinets and many other wood products for Loreto Bay. Roch moved down to Loreto a few years ago as he realized the incredible potential for new businesses. He now has a staff of over 60 people and is doing very well. His work is first class and he is a terrific person.

Many home owners discovered my favorite afternoon restaurant, La Picazon. Alejandro is a wonderful host and always full of stories. His family does the delicious cooking and is always so pleasant and friendly. La Picazon is known for the fresh and simple seafood dishes and ambiance. When we found this place 3 years ago, it was nothing more than a palapa and a small kitchen. Now they have added a large section for more seating, rooms, and storage areas.

Located on the beach across from Coronado Island, you can get there by boat or by taking the dirt road north from town. It is well worth the 20 minute bumpy trip to get there. They are open from noon to 5 pm, and CLOSED Sundays and Monday. I have made several trips and it is truly disappointing when they are not open as there is nothing else like it.

My friends Tom and Jan, FN400, invited me to fly back with them to Scottsdale on their private jet. Here we are shown with friends Rob and Helen of FN531, also of Phoenix. This was my first time flying in a private jet, and we all laughed about how quickly we could get to be Jet Snobs. The only frustration was the delay in getting me pre-cleared through US customs.

I have a Canadian passport, but am a legal non resident of Canada; living and working legally in Mexico, and paying the IRS because I own my Mexican corporation through an Arizona LLC, when I was a legal alien last year. Sounds complicated?? Throw in that I am of Chinese heritage and now only have Tourist status in the USA. I have 3 lawyers and 3 accountants in 3 countries, which gives me the experience to operate Baja BOSS for your legal and tax questions in Baja.

The trip was too good to be true. We had nice wine, snacks and a smooth ride. We even saw several whales leaving Loreto and we all agreed it was the best way to take a Whale Tour. I am so excited go to a real US city again for a few days. Restaurants, malls with florescent lighting, dry cleaners, and driving on beautiful smooth and quiet highways are now my favorite things, having missed them for far too long.

Next week, I will show pictures of my favorite Scottsdale places.


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