Loreto Nursery School Director and Motorized Kayaks

I wanted to share with you the great news of our friend Yolanda. She is now the Director of the only Nursery School in Loreto, and oversees staff responsible for 100 children from babies to 5 year olds. The staff and children love and respect her, and we are so happy for her success. Thank you to all our friends that contributed to her family and gave her the confidence to take on this high level position.

Animalandia is a rapidly growing organization in Loreto. Although I do not know first hand much about their activities, Jane Lurie filmed this fundraising video for Animalandia on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3E6K6h1TxSY

This week we had a traditional clam bake in the sand complete with roaring fire in 90 degree heat at the old Whales Inn site, across the street from the tennis center in Nopolo. Jim Spano and Darryl Jones are major investors in Loreto, along with realtor Javier Mercado and I are toasting great days to come.

I went out with Ron Thierfelder on his motorized kayaks, along with David Valera, professional photographer and digital cinematographer. David was vacationing in Loreto after finishing his work on Kung Fu Panda. We were hands free and doing about 5 miles an hour, for over three hours. It was a bit overwhelming being the object of the photo shoot, but we had lots of laughs and certainly it was the highlight of the week.

The morning was beautiful with scattered clouds creating a dreamlike quality for photographs. The water was as still as I have ever seen except for the occasional school of jumping fish. Being on motorized kayaks is truly an amazing experience as there is not a trace of splashing water and it is completely tranquil and silent. Check out David’s photo website at www.davidvalera.com to see some emotionally moving imagery.

It has been exactly 2 years since I started my life down to Loreto, Baja California Sur and recorded my journey with this blog. I scrolled through the archives and read what I wrote on July 1, 2006, and there was an excitement and sense of adventure that I no longer feel. The long hours, the daily unknowns and surprises from left field have made these past few years quite a ride!! So many experiences that I would have surely forgotten or doubted ever happened had I not recorded the events each week with photos and my thoughts at the time. What started as a creative outlet has become a reporting responsibility for me and my site has had over 42,000 visitors, many of whom have never been to Loreto.

Dorado Properties Loreto and BajaBOSS’s summer office hours will be Monday to Friday from 9 am to 4 pm. We are happy to meet you, by appointment only, on weekends and evenings to accommodate your travel schedule. I will be available to clients, but spending little time in the office during the summer. www.doradoloreto.com

Velero Del Mar Boat Charters run everyday, and you can always call me 24x7 on my US cell at 602 628 2920 to book your fishing trip. I plan on spending more time on the boat learning as much as I can, so hopefully we will see you on the water. www.velerodelmar.com

My plans are to enjoy Loreto, travel and spend time with family and friends. I will be taking the summer off from writing the blog and will restart after Labor Day Weekend in September. Thank you to all those loyal readers that tune in every Monday, and I promise to have much more news in the fall.

Take care, travel safe, and have a wonderful summer.

Miss Nellie


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