A special thank you to my friend Deborah Scanlon for being my guest blogger and sharing her experiences …


These few weeks have been full of special moments and you'd pretty much be a sleep walking zombie to miss the intense natural beauty of this area. It's easy to see in the contrast of an azure sea with desert landscape and towering mountain-scapes. Light constantly shifts and presents mother nature's palette. The subtle hues on the Sierra de la Gigantas at morning light is a delicious time of day. Then the table is set once again as the setting sun brings Islas Carmen alive and dazzling, popping off the blue sky canvas. Kodak moments. This week has been full of them. Having worked for Eastman Kodak for 13 years, the phrase 'Kodak moment' has at times been quite literal for me. Of course, branding aside, everyone understands it means something very special, typically visually and emotionally. An image that evokes a feeling for us...something that draws us into a captured moment. So powerful that we seem to experience it as if we were right there. Hmmmm...back to that idea of being present (again and again).

I believe for many Loreto provides ample 'Kodak moments' that we individually get to define as our perfect moment. Perhaps, a moment that can last a lifetime. Last week Rafa loaded up the family, the kayaks, and us on his specially rigged panga for a trip to Danzante Island. A quick ride from the Villages of Loreto Bay. The plan was to paddle as far as his girls were inclined and mostly to be together for lunch and fun. Other friends joined in and his wife Margarita got a day off to herself at home.

Pulling up to a favorite spot, Honeymoon Cove, I didn't really expect to see what we did. Just about a dozen or so bottlenose dolphin were meandering around the entrance to the rather small cove. We typically see hundreds or even thousands of dolphin when we are adventuring out at sea. So in a way I wondered, "where is the rest of the gang?" And I certainly didn't expect to be graced with their presence 30 minutes later when we were unloaded and paddling close to the shoreline.

I wondered if they were just waiting to see if we would come play. And play we did! For almost an hour! They would dive and disappear then pop up just far enough to make us paddle to catch them. A new version of hide and seek I think. And many times coming within arms length of the kayak. What a glorious experience for all of us.

After an exciting hour playing we then inched along the shore staring at the fish and activity in the water and all around the rocks. This hardly qualified as 'paddling' since we drifted a lot, least we create ripples from the paddles and obstruct the window into our underwater performance. Rays, fish, fish, and more fish. Every time I do this I recommit to learning to identify the plethora of species and to buy that new guide. But hey, they are pretty and maybe that's all I need to know!

After a filling our bellies with lunch and filling our quenching our thirsty souls, we decided to change perspectives and mosey up the rocky path for a birds eye view. I think the photo says it all here....

I love the fact that the sea is just another surface to explore. Above and below. Octopus photo by Kristin Hawkins.

I have had so many uncaptured 'Kodak moments' these three weeks in Loreto. Just this morning, I kayaked around Punta Nopolo and watched a sardine launch into the air 4 times the way water squirts from a clenched fist. Obviously something was in pursuit and then...WHAM! Right before my eyes an airborne sardine being swallowed whole by an equally airborne triggerfish. Nature at work. Everywhere.

It's no wonder that Fonatur created the golf course along the sea. We are all attracted to the edge. To live, to play, to enjoy. And although as a non-golfer I can't experience the nuances of the game and the course... I can certainly appreciate the beauty of the course as it has been transformed before my very eyes. With holes like these I think I may take up the game!

Maybe it's gazing out on a seemingly endless blue horizon or the pastel colors of Carmen at sunset. There are those places and experiences that strike a universal cord. Regardless, everyone can relate by simply looking at an image. A static image that captures a moment in time forever lost. As much as I love the analysis of composition, color, and light, there is nothing that can replace putting yourself right there. Experience it!! What better way to create your 'Kodak moments' then by living them!

I hope and trust that I, and we, never take for granted all the wonder and awe of this place. Please send your "Kodak Moments" to share so we can all be reminded of how blessed we are to be here.



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