Nellie's Place Hotel and Tapas Bar now closed ... Owner gone fishing!

Michael Riley was the last guest of Nellie’s Place Hotel. I would like to personally thank ALL the Loreto Bay homeowners and travellers that have supported Nellie’s Place Hotel and Tapas Bar over the past 18 months. These two businesses started as a whim because “I could”. They were part of my Mexican business education, a great social network, fantastic promotion into my other ventures, and I have no regrets. When times get tough … the tough get going … and we need to focus our energies on our prime business objectives of Dorado Loreto Real Estate business and Baja BOSS services.

To keep my sanity, I am still involved in Velero Del Mar Boat Charters, which gives me the opportunity to spend time with members and make new friends. We were out with Tom Webber when he brought in a nice male Dorado within minutes of me handing him the line. Timing is everything!! It is true that a bad day fishing is still a great day on the water.

We caught several female Dorado and set them free. The fish counts have been down each successive year for the last few years and it is important that we release the smaller female dorado so they can go forth and replenish the waters with more Dorado! The female has a more rounded smoother head and easy to distinguish from the bull nose male. We saw many boats around us gafting females as the tourist fishermen love to take back as much fish as possible. There are plenty of fish in the water and it is a delicate ecosystem in the marine park. Please fish responsibly and treat these waters as you would your own backyard. Hopefully, this will be a good thing for all.

Another secret to Living in Loreto is to Get Out regularly. Brenda Calger, one of our sales associates has been working very hard lately, and I took her on a trip to Cabo San Lucas to get out of town. We turned off our emails, let all cell calls go to voicemail, and did not discuss anything pertaining to Loreto for 4 full days. We arrived at the Riu Palace Hotel with the expectation of being pampered, uninterrupted, and getting plenty of rest.

The Riu did not disappoint and I highly recommend it as a quick get away. It is an all inclusive resort, with premium liquors to satisfy the most discriminating tastes. They have 4 gourmet restaurants that require reservations in addition to the many buffets and snack bars open all day long. The pools and gardens surrounding this 660 room hotel located on a white sandy beach are magnificent and only surpassed by the friendly attentive service.

There were two large pools, one for activities and one for quiet, with large swim up bar and infinite pools between. Plenty of bars and seating areas to drink, relax and people watch. Napping in a chaise lounge by the pool is definitely NOT overrated! The pool waiters wheel a cart fully stocked with all your favorite refreshments so there is no anxiety waiting for them to walk to the bar and return. Yes, we were no longer in Kansas!

Cabo was 10 degrees cooler and no air conditioning was required. The junior suites were beautifully appointed, with small living room, lovely bathroom, full stocked mini bar and even room service for those that didn’t want to walk far. We preferred to start our mornings at the La Ventana Bar which had a full view of Los Arcos, the cruise ships, and Riu grounds below. A few Baileys and coffee to wake up, and then on to mimosas made with fresh squeezed lime juice. Yummy!

The main restaurant on the beach was a hub of activity all afternoon, where you could graze on a large variety of fresh fruits, cheese, deserts and ice cream, if you had enough fill of the seafood and meats continually being replenished by the team of non stop chefs. A great place to meet people and chat under the cool shade cover with gentle breezes blowing from the water.

Our most extraordinary meal was at the St. Lawrence Restaurant which offered gourmet cuisine. The vegetable ravioli was the best pasta I have ever had anywhere and worth the return visit for this one dish. I was most impressed with the first class service and presentation that was included in the package price. These restaurants require reservations and proper dress attire is required. This was a very nice change to the too often casual approach of “no shoes, no shirt, no service”.

There was nightly entertainment for the entire family, which included music, dancing, skits, and Brenda got up to show them how we party in Loreto! After hours there was a disco open until 2 am. I heard that the Cabo businesses were not very happy with the Riu because the guests arrived and never left the hotel again, and I can fully understand why. Loreto is full of “Corona” moments of tranquility listening to the stillness and gentle splashing of the sea. This trip to Cabo was full of “Champaign wishes and caviar dreams”. A wonderful contrast that is only a six hour drive away. Check it out at and search for Hotel Riu Palace, Cabo San Lucas. Best rates if you call their reservations line directly.

Now I am back in Loreto …. back to my current reality … until next week …


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