Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas for Kids in Loreto, Mexico

This has been a difficult year for everyone, everywhere, and yet people pulled together and dug a little deeper to give gifts to the children of Loreto. There were many toy drives and groups that volunteered their time and efforts for the general good of all local families.

Jim and Liz of FN383 Villages of Loreto Bay stepped up and raised money at the Golf Course among Nopolo residents for the Loreto Municipal Children’s Party. They drove to La Paz to shop for gifts with the money raised. Jim and Liz, (and Jeanny from BajaBOSS) are shown presenting over 100 small gifts to Yolanda, who now works at DEF which assists families in need.

Thanks to all the Loreto Bay homeowners who left toys with me during the last several weeks. All gifts went to Yolanda to wrap and distribute as appropriate. She assured me that all gifts were going to families in need, and there is much need in Loreto this year.

We attended the celebration on December 24, 2008, outside of the Loreto Mission. It was well attended by many families and lots of children waited patiently for their turn to see Santa and receive their new present. All gifts were wrapped, with the exception of several small bicycles lined up with ribbons for some very lucky children.

It was quite festive with a large decorated tree, an enormous Santa Sack and tables full of wrapped gifts, a few small fireworks, and Christmas music playing in the background. There was a pageant with actors in costume, and dinner was served to all who attended afterwards.

The Mission was well lit and decorated and ready for midnight mass, a time to be thankful and pray for good things next year. Many local Loreto residents including Rosa Castaneda (owner of Café Ole) organize and donate new presents for CARITAS which are distributed to the children in Miramar and Zaragoza, as well as outlying ranches and villages, such as San Javier, San Bruno and Luigi on Christmas Eve.

Jim Spano, representing the new J.W. Marriott, located at the old Whales Inn hotel site in Nopolo has been very generous with their Christmas party for CAM, the school for mentally and physically challenged children. This year’s party was held at their new building donated by the developers of this new luxury condominium resort.

Every student was given an appropriate gift by Santa. There were three piñatas and more candy than you can imagine for everyone including adults, siblings and staff. There was a 10 meter slide and bounce gym for the kids to play on. Several hundred people came to take in the festivities and food, which included families taking home entire grocery bags filled with sandwiches, salads, and more candy.

This is a very special charity for Mr. Spano which he fondly refers to as Miles of Smiles. The joy and excitement in the eyes and faces of the children at this event is something that the entire J.W. Marriott team looks forward to throughout the year. All the families of CAM very much appreciate the efforts and generosity shown by Loreto’s newest developer.

These are the children’s charities that I know of, and I am sure that many people in this community have contributed and given their time, money and goodwill to others. Thank you for Random Acts of Kindness and making each day a little brighter for someone else.

My very best wishes for a Happy and Prosperous 2009!

Miss Nellie

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Dorado, Dorado, Dorado!

This week on Fishing Ventures, Ronnie Kovach is fishing out of Loreto, Mexico for the Annual Loreto DORADO Tournament. Loreto is considered by many to be the Dorado capital of the world. And it is! But there is a lot more to this quaint, colonial town on the Sea of Cortez.

This week’s episode of Fishing Ventures is entitled “Dorado! Dorado! Dorado!.” And you don’t want to miss it. Angler educator, Ronnie Kovach, and friends team up to catch an abundance of huge Sailfish and Dorado!. Awesome fishing and a very exciting episode of Fishing Ventures.

It will air Sunday, November 23 at 9:30 A.M. and Tuesday, November 25 at 2:30 P.M. PST on FOX Sports West.

Don’t miss this exciting episode of Fishing Ventures on FSN West.

For more information visit:

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Local News on Loreto, Mexico

Perhaps I miss my creative outlet, or perhaps I just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends that will be traveling next week. It is nice to have the blog to drop in and say hello when I get a thoughtful moment.

The last year has taken its toll on me living la vida loca; however, in my humble opinion I feel that we have hit bottom … or at least close to it. The global economic crisis has had its major affect on tourism, fishing, restaurants, bars, real estate and all businesses that boom from the domino affect of a thriving destination. There have been many layoffs and sad goodbyes to Mexicans and Americans that came to pioneer this Baja frontier.

Real Estate has not been this low since 2005 and list prices have dropped 25% or more with motivated sellers. Since most land owners in Loreto are mortgage free and there is little credit, I do not foresee things going down much more. This means that the next several months will be a premier buyers market, as we only need a little boast in this small town to see things stabilize and correct themselves. Poco y poco, the road to economic viability may be a few years, but step by step, little by little, we will see it happen.

There is a buzz around Loreto as more snowbirds return for the winter. People are reacquainting themselves with new neighbors and local businesses. They are here for several months and looking for ways to become involved and create community.

I have been approached by Mrs. Yuan Yee, wife of the Presidente of Loreto, to assist in a Christmas Toy Drive for the children of this area. She called to ask for my assistance in this worthy cause to help the many families and single parents of our community. So here I am, writing again to ask not for cash donation, but for volunteers in coordinating this effort which would involve putting out the word, gathering gifts, to wrap and distribute the same. There is little selection of toys in Loreto, and the costs are expensive compared to the USA. I am asking anyone interested in helping to please pack a gift or two in the approximate amount of $20 each to donate for this Toy Drive. The children range in age from babies to teenagers, so anything would be appropriate from coloring books, simple games, barbies, bubble machines, dvds, etc. Remember the children do not know English and will think of everything as novel and much appreciated. Cash is okay but buying a gift will go a lot farther for the children.

If you are interested in volunteering, please send me an email and I will coordinate a small committee that will work with Mrs. Yuan Yee, to assist in the collection and distribution of the gifts. I am in Loreto Bay every morning Monday to Saturday at FN314 doing an Open House and gifts can be dropped off there.

It is nice to write again but alas, I can not detour from my obligations in Loreto to do so on a regular basis. However, the good news is my friend, Drew, who was one of the original visitors to Loreto Bay with me exactly five years ago, has started a blog about his life and experiences Living Loreto. I encourage you to visit his blog to feel part of the community and spirit that we all desire and wish for. I commend his writing and commitment to this special secret place in Baja. Join him on his adventures at and you will not be left out in the cold.

Take care and see you in Loreto,

Miss Nellie

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Goodbye Hurricane Norbert in Loreto

Hurricane Norbert came and went without much ado in Loreto. There was tremendous excitement, some panic and a lot of nonchalance about the upcoming storm. Residents of Loreto prepared for the worst and hoped for the best. There was good probability that the Sierra Giganta Mts. would stop hurricane winds in their tracks and dissipate the torrential rains in their wake. This is exactly what happened in Loreto. We had 4 to 6 inches of rain and strong winds; power went out around 5 pm giving everyone in town enough daylight to prepare and get to safety for the evening. In all honesty it felt like a typical day in the Pacific Northwest … except the rain and wind was wonderfully warm and refreshing. The roads and airports are open and tomorrow will be back to business as usual.

Hopefully, this is the last tropical storm of the season. The oppressive humidity levels of 90% in the last couple of weeks have broken with the storm, and it is a refreshing 84 degrees with 62% humidity. Another week and we will be back into wonderful paradise weather, as more and more snowbirds return for the winter.

My passion is Loreto, not simply one development or neighborhood. There are so many good people here, but it takes a certain type of individual to reach outside of our comfort zone and embrace the unfamiliar and unknown. If the intention is to duplicate the community you have at home in a foreign country … then ignorance is bliss.

REEL TROUBLE had an important booking event on Friday for an American family to say goodbye to one of its members who loved and lived in Loreto. There was much concern about canceling or rescheduling around the imminent storm. My view was that we would just work around the circumstances. I said that nothing in Loreto is ever planned or organized, but it always works out… and it did. More often than not, the universe takes care of us and things happen as they should. This is why many of us come to Baja Sur, although we may not realize it.

I have received so many requests in the last few days to give updates on the situation in Loreto Bay, but that is not my job. There are good people that get paid to inform the homeowners about their investment, and it is not my place to comment. However, I do want to share the growth and excitement in this area that is coming albeit too slow for most conservative investors. I am going to continue writing regularly about real estate and the growth of this area on my real estate website … It may take a while to set up, but I will have local business information there regularly.

If you are not moving forward, then you are going backwards because it is impossible to remain stationary. I am excited about the future prospects. What is currently happening in the financial world may be difficult and uncomfortable, but not really new to those that have won and lost before. It is another challange to overcome. Loreto Bay is simply one project among many and no longer my passion, vision or life. I am once again facing my fear and stepping through an open door with no idea of where it will lead. If you are interested in the bigger Baja picture, stay tuned and I will inform you as things happen, on the ground, first hand.

The future is bright … life is short … make every moment a memory. What will happen next week? Quien Sabe? Does it matter if we are living in the present?

Miss Nellie

Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Time of Transition …

“When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.”

Alexander Graham Bell

This is a time of great transition and awakening for many of us. Everyone in the world is watching the USA and how it handles this economic crisis. In recent weeks Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were placed into conservatorship, the federal government bailed out AIG, Bank of America purchased Merrill Lynch, and Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy. The credit market appeared to be on the verge of collapsing and the presidential race is turning normally apathetic citizens into strong opinionated voters who need to make a difference.

Here in Loreto, a small innocuous little town located on the Sea of Cortez, in Baja California life goes on. The Mexicans have a saying that “When the US gets an economic cold, Mexico gets pneumonia”. The peso is strong and stable but we are affected by the downturn in tourism and people being much more conservative in their spending. Some major development projects in the area have been postponed until the beginning of next year, and the locals are hunkering down once again until the next economic wave.

When written in Chinese, the word “crisis” is composed of two characters – one represents danger and the other represents opportunity. History has shown us that this is now the time to invest. It has been said that Luck is when Preparation meets Opportunity. This is the time of hard work, goal setting with limited financial and manpower resources. Carpe Diem Seize the Day! This is what I am doing.

This is the lull to take advantage of some great real estate buys in an area that will undoubtedly prosper. It’s just a matter of time. My energy needs to be succeeding in this business if I am to survive living in Loreto. Living La Vida Loca was great for a few years, but now its time to put away any altruistic ideals of creating a virtual community and be more focused and introspective. I have been looking at a closed door now for six months, denying the economic reality and hard living conditions here. I need to see the open door and step through it.

Writing the blog has been a wonderful experience for me. It is possible that one day again, I will continue the creative outlet of sharing my life journey on the internet, but not for awhile. I am grateful for the technology that has allowed me to capture and share part of my adventures with strangers who have become friends. I am constantly making a lot of new distinctions about my life. The key is find balance between them all.

Kelli McDill was a great inspiration and originally started blogging on Loreto with her She recorded her life living in Loreto with her husband and daughter, and then traveling around the US meeting all their new friends.

Clinton and Loni Stark will succeed me with their blog which is a very upbeat and informative site. They have links to other social networking, Loreto Bay information and homeowner sites as well. They are making blogging a business and I wish them the very best.

This week we had the first Annual Dorado Loreto Fishing Tournament, and Ronnie Kovach from Fox Sports was filming the best sailfish and dorado fishing he has ever seen. His group caught and released over 27 sailfish in two days on our boat. The Sea of Cortez was literally scattered with jumping sailfish, dorado and a few marlin on calm blue waters. Conditions were perfect and everyone participating was happy and excited. REEL TROUBLE was the Tournament Boat and will be getting promotional videos of the show to give away. I will be writing an article for the monthly publication Loreto News, and perhaps this will be the next step in my journalism career? Quien Sabe?!

In the meantime, if you ever wonder Where In the World Is Nellie? Just drop me a line, it’s like fishing … sooner or later I will surface and bite! Take care and thanks for all your support and encouragement over the years!

See you in Loreto!

Miss Nellie

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Tropical Depression Lowell has little affect in Loreto

Loreto spent much of the week preparing for Storm Lowell which was anticipated to hit Loreto late Wednesday night dumping even more rain than Hurricane Julio, which we have just dried out from. Tuesday Loreto Bay was securing homes, sending out notices to batten down the hatches, stores and offices downtown were protecting their equipment and supplies from leaky ceilings and water seepage. The skies were grey and the barometer felt strangely oppressive for this desert town.

Tuesday morning we had some lightening and thunder followed by a few inches of rain in the afternoon. The Port Captain ordered all boats out of the downtown Marina and airports were on standby alert for possible closure. The streets were deserted while everyone huddled at home waiting and watching.

Wednesday morning I had Capt. Chino call me at 5 am with a weather report … the storm was a couple of hundred miles away, the water was like glass, there was little wind, and the clouds were light on the horizon. We decided to move REEL TROUBLE to the Loreto Marina and take out a homeowner who would probably never have the opportunity to be on the water of Loreto again. We picked up 6 passengers and chartered out for a 3 hour cruise. We caught lots of dorado and it was exciting and fun to see the dolphins play along side of the boat. There were only 2 other pangas out that day, as most preferred to wait out the storm. The wind started to pick up about 11 am so we cruised towards Coronado and anchored. The clouds broke, the sun came out and again the waters were calm. Many went swimming in the 84 degree water while some of stayed onboard for a picnic. It was a very special day for all, one that none of us will ever forget. It’s not the breaths we take - it’s the moments that take our breath away. This day, a group of strangers made a difference to a good man and shared a great moment with each other.

There are always some idiots that don’t know the fine line between adventure and stupidity. I have been accused of crossing the line more than a few times, but there is usually a backup plan. We saw this car decide to cruise the sand spit next to the water and actually into the waves. The strong current swept it off the land and it was floating for a while. Civil Protection was called to rescue them, but little they could do except get the people out of the car and wait and watch.

The airport was closed Wed night and the storm came and went, but all in all it was pretty anti climactic. For a few days, temperatures dropped to a wonderful coolness, but we are now back to sunny skies, 95 degree temperatures and high humidity. Everything is so green and the animals are out in full force again. The hillsides reminds me of Kauai and the beauty is stunning. I can’t wait to take time to explore off the beaten track again.

It was great to see Jane and Sharon of FN203, and Nancy and daughter Kimberly of FN423. We had a girls lunch at Porto Bello Restaurant at Pt. Escondido, and it was wonderful to share stories, laugh and have a three hour lunch overlooking the calm waters and palm trees. Salad and desert comes with every entrée and it’s a terrific place to relax and take your time with conversation and savor the ambiance, surroundings and food.

The USA Presidential Race is really getting interesting and it is the topic of many conversations among the Mexican business people here in Loreto. Everyone is curious what the foreigners’ opinions are as to the Democratic and Republican candidates. How quickly can the new Administration bring back confidence to improve the bleak economic outlook that always affects luxury spending and tourism destinations? Quien Sabe?

Alaska Airlines has scheduled another flight on Fridays from Los Angeles to Loreto starting October 31st. This will now be four flights a week and hopefully will continue as long we keep supporting them. This is in addition to the current flights on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

AeroMexico will stop its run from Hermosillo to Loreto at the end of this month. This makes the connectors from the East Coast a lot more difficult and lack of competition is keeping prices high. We will be entering high season soon, and hopefully when the residents and visitors return, we will see more economic movement in town.

Fishing is still wonderful and last week there was a 51 lb. dorado caught at the Governors Cup Tournament. Ronnie Kovach from Fox Sports Network West will be arriving this week with some sponsors for the First Annual Dorado Loreto fishing Tournament put on by the Hotel Association. If you are coming to town this week, you can still register for Sept 19 and 20 by emailing

Have a great week!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Summer Fun Still Going Strong in Loreto

It is 93 degrees with 67% humidity and feels like 110 F. We have now cleaned up from Hurricane Julio which dropped our year’s quota of 8 inches of rain on Loreto. No real damage but a lot of water, dirt and mess to clean up. The hillsides and fields are beautifully lush and the cows are quickly fattening up from the green pastures. My camera has given up after 2 years of blogging … so hopefully I will be able to replace it soon and show you the wonderful sights of this magical place.

In the meantime, I will share with you the great times that we had on the water this summer aboard REEL TROUBLE. Capt. Chino and I have worked very hard to make sure this is MORE than a fishing trip and we will organize your day to make it memorable for your whole group experience. These are my friends from Calgary, AB … girls just wanna have fun!

FUN means “You’re the boss!” Whether it’s to chase the sailfish / marlin, catch your limit of Dorado, swim with the seals, snorkel, or just drink beer and hang out at the white sand beaches of Coronado with your favorite CD playing… just let us know beforehand … and we will make it happen. In the summer it’s generally very smooth so people prone to motion sickness don’t have a problem especially being on our bridge.

REEL TROUBLE is a luxury sportsfisher so it is very safe and comfortable. A great day on the water for all ages. We have had kids on board and there is nothing better than seeing their face when they catch their first fish or squeal when the dolphins come and play with the boat. Maya preferred to drive the boat … we’re grooming her to be first mate!

Here’s a testimonial from Robert Lopez, FN236 … “Cindy, Tyler, and I can’t thank you enough for all your help on our last trip to Loreto. The Velero del Mar boat was fantastic and Capt. Chino and his sons did a great job all three days. From the Dolphins hanging out with us, to diving with the sea-lions, to the perfect sunset cruise to honeymoon bay, it was an amazing vacation. I have to give you credit for picking the perfect, place, time, and setting up the boat with great wine and cheese to make the sunset cruise for our anniversary absolutely magical. And to think, we almost changed our plans because we were worried about going back to Loreto in the August heat…as long as you and that boat are there, we’ll be back every summer.”

Here’s a testimonial from Greg Wolfe, Los Angeles … “Chino Yee is the best captain and the owner - Nellie - is the best hostess in town! We limited on Dorado with great action in the morning, swam with the sea lions in the afternoon, and finished the day with great snorkeling on a nearby white sand beach in crystal clear water. An awesome day on the REEL TROUBLE with Nellie and crew….. Highly recommend!”

Albert from L.A. was busy catching, releasing and smiling among the schools of Dorado. It is our policy to release marlin, sailfish, and smaller female dorado so that we can maintain these waters as a prime fishing area for years to come. This is Albert's first time in Loreto although he has fished Baja California Sur many times. He will be back!

Jay’s a happy man from Chicago! They don't fish like this on the Lakes! You should have seen the "one that got away"! Capt. Chino fillets your catch and we deliver to your door for dinner or ready to freeze and take back home. We have not seen any yellowtail tuna yet but they should be here soon. I actually prefer them for eating and they can get very large as well. Fresh yellowtail sashimi … what a treat!! For a fishing chart on this area go to:

Being from New York, Frank wanted to see how far we could take the adventure! Chino found more dorado as we were heading into port. The Port Captain had already radioed an alert and called all boats back as the storm was moving in fast. The group just HAD to get one more big one… so down went the lines and we had 3 Fish On at one time. All the while, Chino and I are watching the clouds get darker and move faster to overtake us. Get those lines in! Get the fish in the tanks and let’s move it!! We spent 45 minutes in the pounding rain and wind … it was Hurricane Julio and the perfect storm. Dark, exciting, unpredictable careful what you wish for!

There are 10 day celebrations currently going on now for the Loreto Festival, which included the Governor’s Cup Fishing Tournament, live music and entertainment, amusement rides and other activities. September 16 is Independencia Day in Mexico and the celebrations will continue until everyone is exhausted. Flags of all sizes are being sold on every street corner and many businesses and schools will be closed during this time. More business next week … there’s no hurry … this is Loreto.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Livin' Large In Loreto

Find out more information on Fishing in Loreto, B.C.S., Mexico. Ronnie Kovach's Fishing Expeditions Show this week is Livin' Large in Loreto. It will be telecast on FSN West on Sunday Sept 7 at 9:30 am and Tuesday Sept 9 at 2:30 pm PST.

Check Out the First Annual Dorado Tournament put on by the Loreto Hotel Association on the website:

Join the tournament and meet Ronnie Kovach in Loreto! email for more information

See you in Loreto!

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy Labor Day - Back to Business; Back to Reality

Labor Day is an annual holiday all over the world to celebrate the economic and social achievements of workers. The majority of countries, including Mexico, celebrate Labor Day on May 1 and it is popularly known as International Workers’ Day. In the USA and Canada this national holiday is over 100 years old and celebrated on the first Monday in September. Over the years it has evolved from a purely labor union celebration into a general “last fling of summer” festival.

What a great summer it has been. I spent 6 weeks in Southern California and Scottsdale doing absolutely nothing. I made no plans, had no agendas or objectives, did not multitask and only checked my messages every few days. I caught up on two years of sleep, read mindless fiction and watched TV for days on end. My only important decisions were what delectable food I would enjoy that is never available in Loreto. Mexican food and tequila never touched my lips.

I spent time reflecting on the past few years, and started a vision board for the future. It is difficult to know what we want unless we experience what doesn’t make us happy. Everything always works out … and what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. I still have my sense of humor, my health, my friends, and a wonderful canvas upon which to paint a happy picture.

I admit it was difficult coming back to Loreto. Getting things done in the USA is so quick and easy, and much less expensive than here. Things we take for granted like mail service, Kinkos, fast food, drive through ATMS, any and all information and business services are just a click away. Here you need copious notes just to make a phone call and that’s if you already have the number! Everyday it’s a scavenger hunt to do the most basic things as shop for food or find trades people to work. The worst thing we can do is to compare this place with where we come from.

Loreto is special and unique. Its beauty and tranquility continues to make me stop in my tracks. The roads are a mess with Hurricane Julio dumping hordes of rain upon us, but the mountains are incredibly green and inviting. The storm has passed with no damage but has brought cooler temperatures. Passing the cows on the boulevard and seeing the little children laughing all the time still makes me smile. It is good to be back and welcomed in a place that seems to have stayed still. The more things change, the more they remain the same. This is Loreto and this is my home.

There have been many changes in the last few months. Continental and Delta Airlines have both pulled out and we are down to three flights a week with Alaska/Horizon. Aero Mexico still flies regularly through Hermosillo to Loreto. All businesses have been hit hard by the US economy, but there is a subtle optimism in the air that we have hit bottom and things will be on the rise soon.

This is now the time to invest, make strategic changes to capitalize in a down market, and move forward to establish a strong foundation for the next economic wave that is coming. There are so many signs of this happening in Loreto and I will be sharing these with you as they happen. What we are seeing is foreign investors and local government working together to proactively make change. Also, the local Loreotanos are seeming to grasp that change is necessary and foreign investment is a long term commitment to work together towards a final goal.

Our boat charters are gaining momentum and this has been a great fishing season. We have had some fabulous trips with catching fish in the morning and then snorkeling with the seals on Coronado Island; and then anchoring off the white sand beaches in crystal clear waters. An amazing day that is “priceless”. The water is 85 degrees and being on the water is so much cooler than on land this time of year.

I was reminded of an interview I did with Lynn Ward on LifestyleYak in May 2007 when I was full of energy and enthusiasm. It never ceases to amaze me how things can change so quickly. I have now closed my hotel and bar, although it would be fun to start them up again when the economy improves. My focus has always been real estate and I think the investment of hard work and money in the last few years will pay off as we are well positioned to be the leaders in knowing ALL products in this general area. We have such a diverse inventory of land and products coming up … that no one else can touch. My dream of One Stop Solutions is still a hugely viable niche in this emerging real estate market. poco y poco, step by step … we are in this together. The link to the interview on OFF THE BEATEN TRACK can be found at

This week I just wanted to say hello and thank those that have kept in touch over the summer. As always, your friendship is the basis of our worldwide virtual community and I look forward to seeing you in Loreto!

Have a great weekend and let’s get back to business and having fun!

Miss Nellie

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Loreto Nursery School Director and Motorized Kayaks

I wanted to share with you the great news of our friend Yolanda. She is now the Director of the only Nursery School in Loreto, and oversees staff responsible for 100 children from babies to 5 year olds. The staff and children love and respect her, and we are so happy for her success. Thank you to all our friends that contributed to her family and gave her the confidence to take on this high level position.

Animalandia is a rapidly growing organization in Loreto. Although I do not know first hand much about their activities, Jane Lurie filmed this fundraising video for Animalandia on youtube:

This week we had a traditional clam bake in the sand complete with roaring fire in 90 degree heat at the old Whales Inn site, across the street from the tennis center in Nopolo. Jim Spano and Darryl Jones are major investors in Loreto, along with realtor Javier Mercado and I are toasting great days to come.

I went out with Ron Thierfelder on his motorized kayaks, along with David Valera, professional photographer and digital cinematographer. David was vacationing in Loreto after finishing his work on Kung Fu Panda. We were hands free and doing about 5 miles an hour, for over three hours. It was a bit overwhelming being the object of the photo shoot, but we had lots of laughs and certainly it was the highlight of the week.

The morning was beautiful with scattered clouds creating a dreamlike quality for photographs. The water was as still as I have ever seen except for the occasional school of jumping fish. Being on motorized kayaks is truly an amazing experience as there is not a trace of splashing water and it is completely tranquil and silent. Check out David’s photo website at to see some emotionally moving imagery.

It has been exactly 2 years since I started my life down to Loreto, Baja California Sur and recorded my journey with this blog. I scrolled through the archives and read what I wrote on July 1, 2006, and there was an excitement and sense of adventure that I no longer feel. The long hours, the daily unknowns and surprises from left field have made these past few years quite a ride!! So many experiences that I would have surely forgotten or doubted ever happened had I not recorded the events each week with photos and my thoughts at the time. What started as a creative outlet has become a reporting responsibility for me and my site has had over 42,000 visitors, many of whom have never been to Loreto.

Dorado Properties Loreto and BajaBOSS’s summer office hours will be Monday to Friday from 9 am to 4 pm. We are happy to meet you, by appointment only, on weekends and evenings to accommodate your travel schedule. I will be available to clients, but spending little time in the office during the summer.

Velero Del Mar Boat Charters run everyday, and you can always call me 24x7 on my US cell at 602 628 2920 to book your fishing trip. I plan on spending more time on the boat learning as much as I can, so hopefully we will see you on the water.

My plans are to enjoy Loreto, travel and spend time with family and friends. I will be taking the summer off from writing the blog and will restart after Labor Day Weekend in September. Thank you to all those loyal readers that tune in every Monday, and I promise to have much more news in the fall.

Take care, travel safe, and have a wonderful summer.

Miss Nellie

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Livin' Large In Loreto - Fishing Ventures Show

This week on FOX Sports West, Ronnie Kovach's Fishing Ventures show will be dedicated to Loreto, Baja California Sur, Mexico. It will be shown on FSN West 9:30 A.M., Sunday, June 29 AND 2:30 P.M., Tuesday July 1. Check out this link for more information:

Don't forget our Dorado Loreto Fishing Tournament September 19 and 20, 2008. $30,000 USD in cash prizes and $10,000 USD in raffle prizes. For more info go to or email

Have a great week!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Life in Loreto, Community Spirt, then and now…

In a few months, it will have been five years since I first came to Loreto. It was a regular vacation trip to a sun destination for a few days and I had no expectation that it would be anything more than some fun days of sun, drinking and a lot of laughs. Perhaps it was my subconscious that was seeking something more meaningful, perhaps I wanted to explore and take on a new challenge, and perhaps I was just simply ready for a change. In any event, I went with my gut feeling, listened to my inner child, and took a leap of faith and bought into the vision that Loreto Bay was offering.

A promise of community, of truly genuinely nice people, who did not intend to change the world, only to make a difference to where and how they live. The developer was in the business to sell homes, but their hook was to “tread lightly, live fully”. This was targeted at the environment, the local town, and our new community.

I found the simple pleasures of taking time to talk to people on the street very fulfilling. It would be rude not to take time to acknowledge friends, and everyone was a friend. The waiters, the new neighbors and the local business people. Life is good and I looked forward to coming to a place where I am not judged by the car I drive or where I live, rather on whether I am a “nice” person.

Everyone was always welcome and naysayers were shamed into silence. The early days of Loreto Bay were insane as we desperately tried to keep up with our own success. No one imagined that the team assembled by David Butterfield and Jim Grogan would become such a force of commitment and determination to gain worldwide attention and sell hundreds of millions of dollars of real estate in just a couple of years.

I had the honor of working with some of the most dedictated people anywhere. Everyone was was passionate about their area and believed in the future of Loreto Bay. This ranged not only from the traditional sales, design, and marketing departments, but down to Dr. Ken and “dirt guy” Jim Hallack. Team Loreto Bay was a family, and everyone gave 110% for the good of the company. It was a very special time that few people are ever lucky enough to experience. It can not be planned or orchestrated; it is like love … and just happens when we are ready for it.

There were so many young people that were part of the explosion that have gone onto other jobs in different places, and I know they will be forever changed because of their experiences that they do not talk about, as no one would ever believe the long hours and commitment for little personal gain. We will always share a bond and they can always find me for advice or guidance, but most importantly friendship.

Visionary Buyers sensed this and bought into all of it, hoping for the opportunity to be part of something great. The local Loretanos watched with careful optimism and hoped that the dream would finally become a reality for them as well.

I wanted to be in a place where I felt people cared, time stood still and people mattered. I follow my heart and try to live my life doing what is right. I speak the truth as I know it, and am passionate about my beliefs. My choices are black and white, but the people in it are grey because we are human and subject to responsibility, conscience and personal ethics. Asi es la vida. It is life.

I am friends with many homeowners, who have undergone far more than they bargained for, yet they are still here, believing and loving this place. I am now part of the local community, which has taken time and hard work to be accepted. I appreciate all of these people very much as their random acts of kindness in this Wild Wild West environment is all we have when this is our home.

I am on a path in the fields of Baja basking in the sunshine. There are abundant opportunities and choices, each with their own level of risk and enticement. As I encounter these forks in the road, I make my assessment, determine the consequences and chose whether I go left or right. Win or lose, it does not matter. The only thing important is that I continue moving forward. This pertains to business, financial, social interactions as well as everyday decisions. What could be simpler?

Many of the original Loreto Bay team have now gone and it is a different place. This is inevitable, and I am optimistic and look forward to Replay taking an active management role. It is not their responsibility to create community. It is their business to sell and deliver houses, making money should be their objective.

For us pioneers, we must remember that we wanted a simpler life with time to make a difference to who we were and the differences we could make, not just that our houses were perfectly complete and fully furnished. Doesn’t seem like a lot to ask, does it?

The purpose of me writing this at all is to give a gentle reminder to those that bought into the vision. Creating a community takes work. Life happens when we are too busy doing something else. In Loreto, there is nothing else … it is just Life.

I look forward to seeing my friends and neighbors again soon. This is our place, let’s enjoy it for all that it is and keep the dream of a better place alive.

I think I am too idealistic, perhaps somewhat naïve, but I do believe in karma and I sleep well at night. Next time you see someone on the street, stop and find out how they are, and really listen. Perhaps offer to share a cool drink or meal. It may make a huge difference to them, and in Loreto, you really don’t have anything more important to do anyways! Asi es la vida. It is life.