Day 2 Baja trip

Tracy is my friend from Canada and working on a new high end condo project in Rio del Mar, just 30 minutes from San Diego. It’s an exciting new development right on the Pacific ocean, starting from $400,000 USD for full ownership. Here's pictures of Tracy, and me in their show home. It's going to be a stunning project and great for people that want to drive down for a get-a-way from Southern California. Sales are not starting until September 2006, but if anyone is interested, please let me know and I would be happy to get you more information so you can get in early.

Nik and I continued on our journey and headed down to Escenada, about 30 minutes from Rio del Mar. What a pretty place! Mexicans love their giant flags, and it was the biggest one we had every seen! Walked down and saw the cruise ships and boats docked.

This is a picture of the fish market…. I wish they had this in Loreto!! We stopped at a taco stand and had the freshest shrimp tacos ever for 12 MEP. We loved this place and wish we had more time to hang out. Make it a definite stop on your drive down.

We are loving this drive. Hwy 1 takes you down the coast, and though some of the prettiest wine country nestled in the valley surrounded by mountains. These are a few tips for cruising the baja… a red light is merely a suggestion; No Passing signs actually mean Pass with Caution; Speed bump height and quantity bring on a whole new meaning to cruising speed; Pemex is never that far away even for people like me who rely on fumes; Stock up on water and munchies when you can because once you head inland on Hwy 1, you will want to drink, smoke, and fill your face to avoid brain damage from nonuse. Navigating the winding roads … bank hard to the right and slingslot back to the left. Do not fear the trucks for they fear you. Magna means regular in terms of gas, but doesn’t translate literally so don’t go using this in restaurants.

Finally, we neared the border of northern and southern California, and there were actual military stops with life size cardboard cutouts of handsome armed G-Men which seemed threatening from afar. As we drove closer to be interrogated, we realized this was a ploy and were sure there were candid cameras somewhere lurking in the distance because not a sole was in sight. When reaching the actual border line between states, have your 10 MEPs ready and windows rolled up for the mandatory undercarriage spray. Yes, we mean your car, and I have no idea what on earth a wine gnat from northern baja will do to the southern contingency ... but it must be fearful for this much hassle.

We stop at Guerro Negro at the Malarrimo Hotel. It's parking lot is filled with Gringo type SUVs and my little Pathfinder feels right at home. The restaurant is terrific, the rooms are clean and basic, and it’s a great pit stop. Showers leak like crazy and we soon had our own mini pool in the water closet. But there was water and specifically hot, so life is good.


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