My friends are starting to arrive and I’m very excited to see familiar faces. Janet Rubenstein is a sales associate with Loreto Bay and now living here full time. We went for dinner last night and had a few margaritas at the Posada. Still the best in town! On our way home, we’re going down the highway in the usual fast pace and a Mama Horse and baby just galloped across the highway in front of us. Luckily we saw movement and hit the breaks fast enough to avoid any collision. It would have been heartbreaking to have hit them, and not so good for us either! They were beautiful animals, not the typical skinny lazy cows that come too close to the highway to graze. It is true that everyday something happens here a little out of the ordinary.

I was very happy to see my good friend Glen Mickowski arrive to inspect Lot 300. He is one of the very lucky few that have a commercial space in the bottom of his Casa Alta, since he was a very early buyer. We had coffee and he told me about all his new ventures that he will be starting up over the next 6 months. These include:

1. Catamaran Sales and Chartering;
2. Transportation of refrigerated and dry goods from La Paz and Cabo;
3. Digital film and television making;
4. Sales, Service, and Rental of Segways, golf carts, cycles and kayaks;
5. Marine Assistance for cruisers.

What a busy man he will be! I hope he doesn’t consider this “semi-retirement” because he’s making my head spin with all his energy! It will be great to have these services available and I look forward to hearing more details as he puts them together. Of course, I’ll share them with my friends as soon as I know!

One of my best friends, Deedrie Ballard has arrived!. She is one of partners in Lot 62 with me, and was the third investor with Loreto Bay Company in the early days. Deedrie is the one that introduced me to all this trouble!! She hasn’t been back since we all volunteered to help out at the very first launch in November 2003 and spur of the moment decided to buy a house. Not the cheapest “free” weekend I have had!

Mick (Glen Mickowski) is a very patient man as he teaches us to become “mobile” in Loreto. I feel like the Jetsons!!


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