We have had a very busy 2 days visiting the new furniture store in town; the Earth block center; Puerto Escondido; the local stores; and Saturday flea market; as well as enjoying the local restaurants. Deedrie’s highlight was visiting the Agricultural Farm of Ecoscapes. They have come such a long way and it was surprising to see the large expanse of green grass being mowed in the middle of the desert. The rows and rows of lush plants and trees was exciting to see, and we got to thinking of all the different pots that we would need for our rooftop patio.

We spent several lazy afternoons at the beach cooling off from the 100 degree temperatures. While I was happy relaxing under a palaypa, Deedrie came up with the great idea of taking her lounge chair into the water and we whiled away many hours immersed at the shore's edge. Peter Spillette from Victoria joined us for a while, and experienced the flying fish jumping literally all around us. Peter thought they were under him, and one fish flew past Deedrie’s cheek almost knocking her out. What a rush! The birds were making the rounds with this squid, not sure if it was worth the trouble of eating. The seagulls would take turns, then drop it, while the hawks would then come sample a taste. The pelicans were smart enough to only be interested in the fresh fish still alive and kicking in the water.

Deedrie’s last night here, we went and tried the new 1697 Restaurant in the town square. A nice place with good ambiance. Mostly pasta, pizzas, and some fish. A new addition to a town budding with restaurants already. Mick joined us as well as the mariachi band that is always fun, whether you are a local or turista. We had such a good time, that we missed our nightly 8:30 satellite air show passing by. However, last night many saw an amazing instant blast of light from a meteorite with a fiery tale flash in the sky about this time. I sadly missed this event, but Deedrie and others convinced me that it was surprisingly spectacular and appeared from nowhere.

We are off to Guadalajara tomorrow to furnish the Casa Chica, and will be joined by some other home owners. I'll write again at the end of the week and let you know our adventures on the mainland. Hasta Luego!


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