The days meld into one another. I believe that if I don’t live longer here, I will certainly live fuller. I am becoming accustomed to the constant construction noise; flying dust everywhere; 100 degree temperatures with 60% humidity; and setbacks or delays that seem to be a regular occurrence. But these are minor in comparison to the accomplishment I feel being independent in a foreign country. I am comfortable driving anywhere, shopping, and making my way among the locals. They are very kind and patient with my feeble attempts to communicate and I’m sure I sound like a cave man. But they are oh so polite!

There are so many subtle differences that we don’t realize. For example, when I call a local Mexican cell number with my US phone, the receiver pays the long distance charges which could be $2 USD a minute. This was shocking as we are so used to unlimited rate plans Coast to Coast. I immediately went out to purchase a local cell phone. The selection was large, the prices fair – about 1200 to 2200 pesos for a good phone with all the bells and whistles. However, rate plans are not that common in Loreto as credit is not widely used. Everyone uses phone cards. OK. After much pained explanation about how much hassle a rate plan would be, I opted to get the phone and cards. No problem. Happily took my phone home, charged it and then tried to figure out how to program the damn thing in Spanish! Technology is difficult enough in English – but after 2 hours, I was ready to pay any 10 year old to set it up for me at almost any price!! OK… breathe …. Pull out the helpless female card and get help! Thankfully, I know people who know people.

I’m not here to report on Loreto Bay activities, but I just have to tell you that construction is really moving on Clusters 6, 7 and 8 and I thought I’d share some photos. I think this time next year; I’ll have hundreds of neighbors!
Been here almost 2 weeks and time to get away! Going to La Paz and Cabo this weekend for shopping, fun, and frivolity… not necessarily in that order! Have a great weekend!


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