Home In Loreto Bay

I had my home inspection for Monday morning, and like most home owners, I had mixed feelings. After over 2 ½ years of wishful thinking, planning and having Loreto curse thru my veins, was it going to be finished? Will it live up to my expectations? Do I know what those really are? Buying in Loreto Bay for most of us is much more about dreams and the quest for community and lifestyle than it is about bricks and mortar. This little adobe hut will change my life … and I can’t wait. How Bizarre?!

Donella was terrific and the house was near perfect. I couldn’t wait to get the keys, shut the door, and sleep off the exhaustion. I am excited to furnish it and make it “home”.

The next day I drove to Super Ley’s in Constitution which is great store. It’s a very easy drive and takes about an hour each way. Being Asian, I was thrilled to see chicken feet, fresh fish on ice, ox tails, and lychee are readily available. The selection was much better than I have seen in Scottsdale! I’m sure there are hundreds that would disagree. However, for bare necessities and selection, it is pretty awesome. Amazing, what happens when you set your expectations to zero, it only takes a little to make one happy. I need to remember this everyday!

Walked around the deserted neighborhood last night and found a party happening at Lot 148. Unlike almost any other city I have lived in, I just walked in … grabbed a beer and found the host to say “Hi, I’m here”. There is a genuine camaraderie as everyone is transplanted from all over USA, Mexico and Canada to the time warp of Founders Neighborhood. People try to stay positive and laugh at themselves. We can’t worry about the small stuff, and it’s ALL small stuff.


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