Nopolo had a wild wind storm the other night. It just picked up and was blowing everything around for a few hours, there was lightening and thunder, but no rain. I was watching for flying cows or goats. They were probably smarter than I was and sought shelter, rather than standing out in the open waiting to be struck by lightening or a flying patio chair!

I took my Pathfinder to the car wash and what a treat! The local car wash was terrific and they spent 2 hours cleaning every detail inside and out. It was dust free for all of 5 minutes, but what a proud 5 minutes they were!

I took the opportunity to walk from El Nido to the Mission and take streets that I have never explored before. I met Adalbertor and Jeannine from the El Caballo Blanco book store. They are from New Mexico and have been here for over a year. It’s a terrific selection of used books, some new books, fabric, art supplies, and other odds and ends. Jeannine is now writing for the Gringo Gazette and assured me that she was integral and not out to bash anyone or Loreto Bay. Let's hope we get some good press for a change. At least she promised to get her facts straight.

As I wandered on, I met Kathy at Complete Solutions who is a fellow Canadian and been in Loreto for the past 8 years. Kathy was really helpful about sharing information. All her beaded jewelry is unique and handmade in Loreto. I found 3 bakeries; a great little supermarket with good meat and produce; appliance, liquor and small electronics stores. I poked into the tortilla outlets; one made corn tortillas with a machine, and across the way, the ladies handmade the flour tortillas hot off the grill. Delicious!

It was quite funny that during my 2 hour walk, I met four people that offered real estate services on the side. From my extensive real estate experience combined with the past few years of closing Trust Deeds, it is very important that you know who you are buying from, both the Agent and the Seller. Remember, that there are no regulatory rules governing real estate agents in Mexico.

I love real estate and after picking up my car, I drove to some of the outlining areas. You know it’s a small town when you go to Miramar or Zaragoza and they are 5 minutes from Loreto! A different prospective altogether and each has its own appeal depending upon what the investor is looking for. I think I will explore this area more in the coming months.

Everyone feels the weather is unusually hot for July, but it is still cooler than Arizona by far. Almost all the home owners are gone and what some may term as isolation, I think is Shangri-La.


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