Day 3 Baja Trip

Had a lazy morning and took a detour to the world’s biggest producing open sky salt mine … meaning the largest pile of margarita rim mix that you could ever imagine! It was really awesome to drive down the peninsula and feel like you were heading into the ocean. The large salt deposits sitting on the water were like plentiful clumps of foam. I can now understand how buoyant the water is when the huge grey whales pop out their little tons of joy and they immediately float. There is enough salt in this water that the birds and almost everyone else could walk on it with no miracle required.

Headed inland at a cool 74 degrees with cloudy skies. By 1 pm, it was back to a comfortable 92 degrees. Lots and lots of winding roads up and down mountains and going through forests of cactus, hundreds of acres of flat desert, and usually always surrounded somewhere by mountain ranges. No orchards or wineries or fat cows in southern baja!

Finally reached Sta. Rosilia and it was like a ghost town. Not only because of the derrick railway station and trains that were supposedly a museum, but the buildings are all made of wood from the 19th century, which is very unusual for the baja. Given that and the fact that it was world cup Sunday, there was not a male to be seen anywhere in town. We headed out to one of my favorite restaurants, which will remain nameless, and sat 5 feet from the water’s edge and had the freshest seafood platter ever. A true gem located between the river and the ocean, mountains, oasis of palm trees.

The drive from Sta. Rosalia to Loreto was spectacular as it was a true coast line road and every time you came around a mountain, you weren’t sure if you were going to see a semi coming right at you; or a vista of beautiful sandy beaches and mountains; or another high grade of road to climb.

We have now arrived safe and sound in Loreto and it feels familiar.


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