Happy Canada Day!! I'm celebrating my independence as this is the first day of the rest of my life.

I started my adventure over 2 years ago, when I decided with my daughter, to pack up and move from Victoria, BC CANADA to Scottsdale, Arizona. I sold my waterfront home on one of the best beaches in Victoria, filed non residency, and left with what fit in my small car (including my daughter) to start a new life in the USA. I had a tremendous experience with Loreto Bay Company and the team achieved unfathomable success in 3 short years. Now that chapter is closed for me as I move on to new challenges and focus my energy to the future.

I think I will go to Mexico, specifically southern Baja California. This time its much more difficult as I do not yet speak the language, have no immediate prospects of work, and left to my own resources in terms of visas, permits and simply finding my way. I have bought a '97 Nissan Pathfinder and will be driving down to Loreto next week. Hopefully, I can find someone to accompany me as I have never done this drive before and I'm a little nervous to do it on my own. I have sold my home in Scottsdale and almost all my furniture and once again starting over again.

I am very fortunate to have a new home in Loreto Bay which I will be furnishing over the summer. My plan is to hang out, de-stress, learn spanish, and explore what opportunities are good for me. This time around, I want to maintain BALANCE!!!

Moving to Loreto full time has a whole set of challenges. I was thinking to leave almost all my worldly goods behind, but its impossible to replace such common items that we take for granted like cooking items, dish washer soap, good skin care products and toiletries. Living in Loreto, you learn to recyle EVERYTHING ... plastic bags, twist ties, nothing is disposable and everything has its purpose.
I'm not a 2 week vacationer, nor am I sure I will be there for more than 6 months, it's very difficult to know how much to bring and what I will be able to buy. Today was a little stressful as I realized this was going to be more living on the edge than I had anticipated. Oh well.

Since I haven't ordered furniture yet, I will be "camping" in my home for another 3 or 4 months. I ordered a couple of beds through Touch of History until I do my shopping trip with them at the end of the month. I have to be very frugal about space in my Pathfinder, so I picked up a few folding chairs; bar stools and a small table to put my computer. I will be filling every inch with clothes, toiletries, clothing, kitchen stuff, linens, and all the personal photos I can fit. It's exciting yes, but hugely exasperating!!

I can't wait to get on the road to start my adventure ... 5 more sleeps!


gionfriddo said…
Your a HOOT! We will miss you as part of the team but look forward to seeing you in Loreto Bay, Ciao Bella....sorry my Italian slipped out!
shirley said…
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