We sustained 10 hours of shopping and 2 hours of driving from La Paz to Cabo, on one Costco hot dog! Having Zero Expectations is really the way to go!! I walked into Dorian’s store which is similar to Sears on a smaller scale and I was absolutely shell shocked. There were fluorescent lights, air conditioning, racks and racks of clothing and accessories … even Perfume and Cosmetic counters. Where was I??? Certainly not in Loreto!

Arriving in Cabo, we decided to case out Home Depot. This is where Donella was speechless! Everything that you would expect is there, with lots of variety and comparable pricing to the USA. I wanted to build a house just to have an excuse to keep coming back.

Then off to the Plaza Pariso mall and it was heaven. There were marble floors, high ceilings, window displays in glass retail units, food fair, cinemas, good wine store, Harley Davidson shop, Hard Rock café, Sushi, Italian coffee, and a variety of art galleries and jewelry. We spent 3 hours just cruising the shops in disbelief and then went to see Pirates II in English. All the current movies were playing in the 10 cinema complex.
I kept thinking “What have I done moving to Loreto?!” Is going back to the basics and getting excited about seeing fresh lettuce available really worth giving up civilization as I know it! It was so very refreshing to have 2 days where I wasn’t covered in grit from the dust and humidity. Donella and I were walking around actually giddy and felt that this was our “Vegas”. A great place to come; go crazy; then return to reality.

Now that I’m back in Loreto, I don’t miss the lights and noise of Cabo. I know that it’s just a few hours away and I can go often when the urge overcomes me. In the meantime, I’m happy exploring this little town and establishing intrinsic worth to this community I call home.


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