3 hour Loreto Cruise on the El Don

I was fortunate to be invited to join some of the Mexican families on a 3 hour cruise aboard the El Don. This was organized by Walter, Rodolfo and Gabriela of Owner Services and included many people from Accounting and other local departments. Here’s Jose from IT with his family; and Gabriela with her extended family.
Being on the water is the best place to be anytime for everyone. We came loaded with drinks and bags of chips, guacamole and spicy tuna dip, chicken, and other goodies.

Everyone had their turn at the bow being “King of the World” and the kids were full of energy and laughter.

We saw a school of dolphins racing with the boat, and jumping around us. No matter how many times I see them, there are always squeals of delight when they jump 20 feet from the boat.

Janet’s dream is to own and operate a panga boat and this is the first step towards her reality.Walter aspires to something a little larger, complete with crew. All I want is a yacht with padded bow mattress to enjoy the sun and the sea breeze!

We stopped at Danzante Island and tried to see the shape of dancers that was its namesake. I was glad that I wasn't the only one who admitted to not being able to see it. Although, there were many other figures that were obvious along the way. As we cruised along, we stopped at another island and many jumped in with the kids to play in the water. After my tequila night at Donella’s, I preferred to sit quietly and ponder the beauty surrounding me and contemplate the meaning of life, accompanied by a few more beers.

We headed back at sunset, which was spectacular as there were lots of dark clouds in the sky. The light glistening off the mountains and oceans were almost blinding, yet we all snapped away with our cameras, never tiring of the same old shots!


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