Party Time at Lot 300 Loreto Bay!

Mick and Joyce had their house warming party a few days ago. They have a Casa Alta which means the main living area is the second floor, with a third floor bedroom and patio area. They have views of the mountain and golf course on their large back deck, as well as a small patio out front to watch the world go by on the Paseo de Mision. Best of both worlds and lots of privacy.

It’s really wonderful to see these houses transformed into homes with furniture, lighting and personal touches. Mick and Joyce upgraded to granite counter tops and travertine floors, so their kitchen is a delight to be in. We were standing in line patiently waiting for a fresh brewed espresso from their Italian coffee machine. It’s a beautiful home and you can tell that all the pieces were carefully thought out and made to measure. Joyce had some great blue wine glasses with silver stems, and hand crafted ceramics from Tlaquepaque. Mike is the new Commercial Construction Manager, with his wife Becky. There was Janet, Hector, Donella and Mario brought his wife and beautiful little girls. Alberto and Pati from the Posada del Flores came, but took an hour to find the home as there are no numbers on the houses. I hope this gets rectified soon because no one has a clue where to start to find you. This is great if you want to be lost in Loreto, but for most of us, we come here to be found. Alberto was asking everyone where the gray haired man “Kenny Rogers” lives. This is how things happen, and then stick!
Mick was master of the rotisserie grilling chicken, beef and pork roasts all at once. Joyce made a delicious potato salad that brought back memories of the good ole days BBQ before we decided that carbs were bad. Janet brought the best ceviche that Mike has ever tasted! I made my soon-becoming-famous beet salad with roasted peppers. Mario brought a tres leche cake, which was melt in your mouth yummy! Mick and Alberto’s favorite was the New York style cheesecake direct from Super Ley in Constitution. It was a feast among friends.

Mario’s daughter gave Becky her little stuffed dog and this was her reaction. There is a lesson here … be careful what you offer in kindness. Becky was here for about one day and met one of the home owners for all of 5 minutes. The home owner was leaving for a month and said they didn’t know what to do with their dog. So, Becky being of generous heart and loving animals and kids offered to take care of the new puppy for a few weeks. Well, as it turns out, the home owner contacted Mike’s boss and said they were not coming back until 2007. No word to Becky, no thanks, no money, no nothing?! So, what’s a girl to do? As Becky says, “it’s not the dog’s fault”. But she will think two or three times before making an offhanded kind gesture to help your fellow neighbor.


Brian Durnian said…
Nellie, thanks for the party pics at FN#300, it turns out that we are adjacent neighbors. Tell them to save me some of that chicken and just one margarita!

Brian FN#332

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