Driving from La Paz to Cabo San Lucas.

They are paving the road from La Paz to Cabo and making 4 lanes. This will make the entire area more appealing and I would expect to see a lot of development between these two areas in the next few years. These are some of the opportunities I am exploring and it’s very exciting.

My favorite spot is Todo Santos, which is between La Paz and Cabo San Lucas on the Pacific side. It’s a little town with a population of 2000 inhabitants, art galleries and crafts, the famous Hotel California, and the very best restaurant in all of the Baja according to travel magazines. People drive from all over to visit the Santa Fe Restaurant in Todo Santos with Italian cuisine. Go figure?! This little town has an amazing amount to offer for a weekend get-a-way out of the big city of Loreto.

On the drive back from Cabo to La Paz I had lots of time and decided to explore Hwy 1 on the East Cape. Although on a map the distance looks shorted than taking the Pacific Hwy, it is very winding with very few places to pass. There are fewer trucks on this road, but more Mexican cars that shouldn’t be on the road at all. I think they take this route so they can go slower without the pressure of having some crazy Gringo on their tail. I recommend taking this road only if you are in dire need to see vegetation and mountain scenery. It will add another hour to your journey. WARNING: Definitely do not take this road with a hangover or potential of nausea.

I’m not sure that many of you know that I’m really “camping” in my Loreto home. Since I only went furniture shopping last week, it will be another two months before I have dining, living room, or bedroom furniture. However, I am very comfortable with my simplistic life and beginning to wonder what I really need? I have king size mattresses from Touch of History which are very comfortable. I have my entire kitchen and bathroom stuff from Scottsdale, and my makeshift essentials to be operational.

You will note that I have a place to hang my hat on the High Guy Door, since it is of absolutely no use otherwise. Hopefully, one day they will install a handle on the outside door so my coffee and hot pastries can be delivered. I found a wine refrigerator and water cooler at Costco, but only one would fit in my car. So of course, I picked the one that was the most important… the wine storage. It’s a work of art, and now I actually have room for food in my fridge. Good wine is a cherished commodity here, and if you have any kind of taste for it, I strongly recommend that you bring your favorite labels from home. You are allowed 4 bottles of wine Duty Free per person each time you come. I can always wear the same clothes over and over again in Loreto to make sure I have wine in my suitcase. You can get decent wines at Costco in Cabo from the Baja, Chile, Argentina and Spain. USA and French wines are very expensive. I have not checked out City Club in La Paz for wine, but I’m sure they have a limited selection. However their prices will be much better than Loreto, which is about $15 US for Two Buck Chuck.


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