New Businesses in Loreto

The entrepreneur spirit is alive and growing in this little town of Loreto. I got the biggest kick out of the little boys selling frozen popsicles from their cart for 5 pesos. His smile was worth the big tip and I wonder how successful he will be before he’s ten years old! He and his little brother are braving these hot humid days pushing their full cart around the different contractors’ sites. It was only 98 degrees today, but with 60% humidity … it feels like 120 degrees. Yes, I finally admit that this is HOT!! I think twice just going out to my courtyard to walk up the stairs in my Casa Chica, let alone be out all day long. Feels too much like freakin Arizona!

There are lots of Mexicans selling orange juice, tamales, and other snacks from their cars. They show up around 1 pm and there is a silent message that ripples through the site as workers make their way towards their favorite vendors and wait patiently in line. The canteens are popular as well and most offer shade and benches to enjoy the meal. I was very impressed with Eiffel Construction’s new lunch area for their workers. Seeing the new white tents erected, I wondered who was getting married? They have made temporary tables out of bricks and boards until the real ones arrive, but it’s a cool, clean place to gather for their workers.

Rumor has it that we will soon have the first coffee shop opened in Lot 47 Founders Neighborhood. They only recently started construction while most of the Village homes in this area have been completed and now occupied. It is going up very quickly and my guess is that it will be operational early next year.

Some of you may remember Rosie from the Camino Hotel, or helping Alfredo Cristo with your Power of Attorneys at the Selection Day Event. Rosie has always dreamed of owning a boutique selling clothing, jewelry and other crafts. Her new store is in the main square beside the Posada del Flores and she and the workers are busy fixing it up to be ready to open next month. Rosie is always full of energy and fun, and I’m sure her store will be as well.

There’s a new Japanese / Chinese restaurant in town that serves sushi, sashimi, and fried rice, among exotic things. I have heard that the Sushi chef is from Cabo and knows his way with a knife, but the Chinese food is not too authentic. The two times I have tried to go it has been closed, so this is not a personal recommendation. This is as near to cosmopolitan as Loreto gets. Now all we need is a Starbucks! I heard there is a place in town that you can get coffee beans roasted and I’m on the hunt for that as we speak.


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