It’s Saturday flea market in Loreto and we struck Vegetable Gold! We were thrilled to see romaine lettuce, green beans, broccoli, and the mangos, papayas, peaches, bananas and nectarines. They were like sugarplums dancing in our heads. We stocked up as much as we could carry. Meanwhile, I was planning all the delicious healthy meals that I could make to share with my friends in the next few days.

We met Lynn and Sharon, more Founders who arrived a few days ago to move into their new home. Unfortunately, their furniture is still in transit and could take 2 or 3 weeks more because of customs. Their spirits are high and they are happy to be in Loreto camping out in their finished home. Every week someone is arriving to take up permanent residence in this construction zone. It seems exciting to us, but I’m sure the Mexicans think we are crazy to be living in such conditions. I know my mother certainly believes I am, and she is always right.

Sunday was Janet’s birthday, so Mick, Joyce and I celebrated with her by spending the day out on the water. It was supposed to get to 106 degrees today, and there is no better place than the water … anytime! We figured 9:01 am was a good time to start with a beer, and it just continued like that all day long.
Francisco picked us up with the covered ponga and we set out for Carman Island. The water was crystal clear and we found a nice spot to frolic, drink more beer and pinch ourselves that we LIVE here!

Francisco made us a wonderful lunch of grilled clams in hot tortillas, tamales, and of course accompanied by more beer. The bees were out in droves and surrounding us. They especially had an attraction for poor Janet and were swarming her even when she was up to her neck in water. Mick just kept drinking his beer with a dozen bees hanging off the bottle. Mick is a wealth of trivial information and told us that they were looking for water, and beer was a close second. We put some water in a dish and they were swarming all around it until it was all gone. Mick again told us that they would carry droplets back for the others. What a community!

Everyone talked about going snorkeling, and I said that I would rather jump out of an airplane than put my face in the water. It was a fear that I’ve had for a long time and I really wanted to overcome it. Well, be careful what you wish for! Mick took on the challenge to teach me to snorkel, and what a patient teacher he was. Within 15 minutes he had me breathing under water without a tremendous amount of anxiety. I was very proud!

We then decided to take the boat to a better fish spot, and Mick said that I would now be going in 20 feet of water. Okey dokey?! Now I’m anxious, but know that I am among friends who won’t laugh too hard at me if I fail. I managed to keep up with the rest and Joyce found an amazing school of fish. The depth was about 30 feet, and there were more fish than water. There were hundreds that were greater than 15 inches long, amongst the schools of smaller yellow stripped fish, and colorful purple and blue ones too. We saw a variety of star fish in different sizes and colors. I was so entranced by what I saw, that I totally forgot to be afraid and realize I was way outside of my comfort zone. It was like being in an aquarium, almost hypnotic and definitely surreal. We were out for a total of 7 hours … what a great day!


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