Thunder, Lightening, and finally Rain in Loreto!

What a wonderful gray day. This morning was the usual hot humid 95 degrees, but as the afternoon approached there were more dark clouds gathering in the sky.
All of a sudden around 3 pm there were rumblings of constant thunder and all were looking to the skies to see if we would really get some serious rain. The winds were whistling through the houses and blowing about the debris, plastic, and anything else not easily weighted down.
The dust was blowing so hard everything was gray and gritty, and the palm trees appeared to be dancing a hula as they swayed in the wind. Lightening came in short streaks, and then all of a sudden the rain came pouring down. Now if you have ever been in London England or the West Coast of Canada, this would seem like a trickle on a summer’s day. However, for Loreto, it was an absolute down pour. The workers all lined up for their buses early at 4:30 and traffic ceased to and from town.

It was a great day to curl up with a good book, which fortunately, I have learned to keep an abundance of. I went outside to take a few pictures and the workers on the ground thought for sure I was crazy to brave the elements. It was warm rain, soft and silky. Not harsh or cold, and the wind was gentle. I had to wait for several minutes for a car to pass along the road so I could demonstrate the height of the water. It was at the high point about 8 inches on the road, but disappeared within a few hours.

My house was fairly dry, with only a little water coming through the copula which I would expect. My neighbors were not quite so lucky, as they had water coming in their garden areas soaking their living, dining and bedrooms on the main level. It is so important that these houses are lived in to experience what happens on a day to day basis.

It is now night and much of the excess water has been evaporated or drained into the golf course or ground. The night sky is full of stars once again, and there is a fresh scent in the air similar to tea leaves.


Pebbles said…

Jan greatly enjoyed the Guadlajara trip and I am glad to see Loreto getting some rain. Maybe hurricane John will provide some rain.

Tom Linnen

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