More full time residents in Loreto

We have another brave family that is going to live here full time, for a while anyways. This is Stuart, Sarah, and their children, Lizzie, Carlie and Clayton. They are shown here with their architects, the Lew Brothers from Mexico City, Bernardo and Jose, who are working on several of Loreto Bay custom homes. If you would like to contact Stuart and Sarah about their experiences, or get together on your visit, please contact them through the home owner website.

Stuart and Sarah will be watching their custom home being built on Lot FN18 and focusing on experiences with their children. Their children started school and on the second day told Sarah that they “love it here”. What a joy to be with people that take the leap of faith down an unknown road with the knowledge that there lies a more full and balanced life. This is the main reason I love the Baja, and particularly Loreto. It is full of mavericks, adventurers, and opportunists, that don’t believe they are doing anything unusual. Seeking new horizons is just a part of who they are. This includes the construction laborers, architects and other professionals from mainland Mexico. Going to the Baja is as difficult to comprehend for many Mexicans as it would be for a Canadian to move from Vancouver to Chibougamau, Quebec. Why would you do that?? It’s freakin cold, remote, population of 10,000 and they speak French!

Another couple who are focusing and investing in Loreto is Bill and Madeline Kerns. They have bought a few homes in Loreto Bay and introduced the project to many of their friends. They were down here inspecting FN311 and FN313, while they watch their custom home being built. I went for dinner with Bill and Madeline and thoroughly enjoyed their energy and entrepreneurial experiences. Bill is a developer in Reno, NV, and has Lake Almanor Resorts. They have invited me up several times, but work has always gotten in the way. My goal is to visit next year and enjoy the quiet and splendor that is shown on their website: Check it out, and tell them Nellie sent you!

I tell Bill and Madeline that I hope to slow down here in Loreto, and they don’t believe me for a minute. They can see the glint in my eye when I start talking business, and they know I am one of “them”. Even on vacation, Bill is making his way to the Inn at Loreto Bay to get access to wireless so he can be connected and check back at the office. Ases es la vida – It Is What It Is or That’s Life!


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