Mexican House Party!

I was invited to the home of Donella and Brad from Loreto Bay Construction. They have recently acquired a 9 unit motel on a great piece of property in downtown Loreto. They are slowly renovating each of the rooms with care and attention to detail. I can tell that it will not take them long to realize their investment and make this a fun profitable business, as well as their happy home.

Friday night always sounds good for an impromptu party and they said to come around 7’ish. This really means 8’ish, but since I’m not Mexican and neither are Donella or Brad, I figured 7:30 was reasonable. People started rolling in about 9 or 9:30 with their drinks and bags of chips. It’s very relaxed and greeting each and every person is very important to the culture here.

Everyone was waiting for Cesar to arrive as he’s the Master BBQ Chef. You will notice that he has two beers going; one for him and one for the grill. This is one of the secret ingredients. Watching him prepare the grill and cook the meat was an art form.

It was a great time and everyone was thoroughly enjoying themselves. Looking around there were many small groups of people doing different things. The ladies were crowded around the table chopping and mixing while making jokes. The boys were challenging one another at the foosball table, with Brad holding tight to his reign as Champion. As you can see from this photo, Brad and Roch show little humility when winning yet another game!

Not to be outdone, the ladies have their match as well. Donella is the perfect hostess always making sure everyone is happy and having a good time. After many tequila shooters, the ladies were all crazy dancing sharing their sexy moves with one another. It was similar to a dirty dancing aerobics class with gales of laughter. No photos allowed! Meanwhile, the men were completely oblivious and caught up in their own conversations and never once paid any attention to the levity of the ladies. This in itself is so refreshing and different from the parties I normally go to. Even though we danced and laughed hysterically for over an hour, we were invisible and no man disturbed our space.

People kept arriving until midnight. They would come, drink, laugh and then leave. Simple and uncomplicated. It was 1:30 am when I finally left the twenty or so partiers still engrossed in conversations. What a terrific party! Thanks Donella and Brad!


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