Most Patient Loreto Bay Home Owner of the Month!

Lynn and Sharon Feenaughty brought Lot 325 on the second launch of February 2004, because they fell in love with the vision. Now, where have I heard this before?? Waiting very patiently for over two years, their house was finally ready. They sold their home in Phoenix after 25 years, and moved here full time a few weeks ago.

Their furniture was enroute and it could take a few weeks. They slept on an airbed in a house with no other furniture or bedroom lights. Although the Road 9 staff on the ground attempted to get them telephone and internet for the last two weeks, they were not successful. So not only did they have no form of communication, they had no knowledge of Spanish and were unaccustomed to the peso.

Yet, through all this, they were patient and laughing. They had each other and what a better place to while away the days than bobbing about in the Sea, while intermittently cooling off under a playpa by the beach.

Last Sunday night about 7 pm, the whole place was deserted. No workers, homeowners, or staff in sight. We were going out for dinner when I happened to see a big truck seemingly lost and out of place. I thought …”that must be the Fennaughtys’ furniture”. I went up to the truck and sure enough they could not find the street address given for Lot 325. I knew how excited Lynn and Sharon were going to be … and we told the truck driver to follow us and we would take them there!! We banged on their door to advise them their furniture had arrived and there were squeals of joy from everyone. Even the Mexican truck driver and his partner were laughing.

We went back to check on them after dinner and what a mess! This is a good advertisement on why to hire Touch of History! There were boxes everywhere, and Sharon kept asking “why did I bring all this stuff”. But they were happy and you could tell that the house would soon be a home loaded with memories.

It was extremely frustrating for Lynn to not be able to communicate with the movers as they knew no English and it was obvious that the Mexicans were not experienced movers used to maneuvering furniture around corners. However they finished at 12:30 am, and hopefully Lynn and Sharon will live Happily Ever After.

Lot 325 is located across from the custom golf course lots, and when we walked back to the car, it was complete blackness. The construction zone is dangerous enough in the daytime and visitors are required (rightly so) to wear a hard hat and closed toed shoes. But at night home owners literally can’t see where the buildings are in the courtyard, and you take baby steps to avoid falling, tripping, crashing into scaffolding, or worse. I never realized how awful it was to be living on the other side of the road. But I guess they have learned to take the longer route and follow the edge of houses where they have the night sky for light.

Here’s a picture of Janet in pitch darkness because I was using my camera flash so that we could find our exit. I thought it was very funny that she happened to be carrying a lamp while stumbling around in the dark. A little twisted, but you will come to learn to laugh lots living in Founders Neighborhood.


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