Beware Animal Crossing!
Today I drove from Loreto to Cabo to explore business development. It’s a good 6 hour drive and today was especially slow with all the animals grazing at the side of the road.I didn’t mind at all because two weeks ago when I made this trip, it almost broke my heart to see how starved the cattle were. There was just skin hanging off the carcass and I prayed for rain to give them food. We have only had a few inches in the last week, but what a difference it has made. The mountains are full of greenery and the cows, donkeys, horses and goats are happily eating, roaming and lazing about as we all should.
Driving on the Baja you learn many new things. When a truck puts on their left signal, it could be signaling you to pass, or if in a small town, it could mean they are actually turning left. It’s a gamble, but using common sense normally prevails.Hazard lights are regularly used to warn oncoming traffic of animals on the road and you learn to respect the speed limit. Let me clarify “respect” not “obey”.
Not much to report today, but I really wanted to share these photos with you. I was driving alone and literally stuck the camera out the window as I slowed down to a safe 60 km so as to not get smashed by the car speeding behind me. There is no place to pull over on the narrow road, and visibility is very limited due to grade and curves around the mountains. You don’t want to take your eyes off the road for a second for fear you will cross over the line into the oncoming trucks. It’s a trip!


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